WTB bowfishing setup(need everything but bow)

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by jkeeney20, May 8, 2008.

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    Got a nice Jennings bow that I used to hunt with up until this year when I got me a new one.....So I am going to turn it into a fishing bow. I need everything but the bow....anyone know where I can get this for a decent price, or does anyone have some for sale? Want to target mainly gar and carp!
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    I have a gamefisher hand reel that attaches where your stabilizer goes, also may be able to scrap up a roller rest and an arrow. Do you have a whisker biscuit rest by chance? Is so I can also give you the insert for bowfishing. Shoot me a pm with your address and I will ship you the stuff I got on hand right now. Best price on OGF.................FREE! BC

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    check out Sully's (660-547-3801) in MO. this is where I purchase all of my bow fishing equipment.
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    I would get a reel, preferable a retriever and some arrows with Muzzy fish points with carp tips. But do get safety slides for the arrows. you can buy them already made up. I make up my own. Just turn your bow down to about 45-50 lb. is all you will need. I have an a good selection of bowfishing equipment that I will be parting with in the near future.
    Check out backwaterbowfishing.com and sullysbowfishing.com for all your bowfishing needs.
    There is quite abit of guys on here that bowfish that can get you some gear and a cheaper price. But you need to decide what you want first them go looking for what you want. If you get a chance and can make it up to central ohio, I can take you out on my boat at night and be able to try a few different shooting rigs. Also check around with bowfisherman in your area of what rigs they use and try theirs out to see what you like.
    Check out bowfishingcountry.com for all the bowfisherman that might be in your area.
    I hope this doesn't get deleted, because of the address' of other sites on here. Just trying to help out a fellow bowfisherman.
    If you have more questions just pm me.