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Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by MLAROSA, Feb 6, 2008.


    MLAROSA Loving Life

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    Looking to purchase an Ar-15, prefer pre ban weapon.

    My fiance is in the Army, and is just comfortable carrying an M16, she doesn't prefer shot guns, or hand guns.

    If anyone is selling, I'd be interested.


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  2. SwollenGoat

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    check over at http://www.huntohio.net/

    Lotta' guns over there for sale right now. I think there was an AR-15 posted there not too long ago.

  3. Bigun


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    Check www.cmmginc.com they have non chromed flattop m4s for under $600.00 and chromed ones for about $650.00
  4. Orlando

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    I built my AR15 AR Rock River for $700.00 . I could have done it for $50.00 cheaper but I wanted a matching Lower. Those from CMMG are a good deal if you want a flat top. You will have to buy sights or optics for it also.