WTB 6 or 8 foot folding tables

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by papaperch, Mar 10, 2008.

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    If anyone or anyone's org. would like to get rid of some of their older stuff let me know. The kind I'm looking for is like what everyone uses for garage / flea market sales. Which is what I want to use them for. A few garage sales I am going to have this summer.

    Condition or material not all important as long as they work. I live in northeast ohio and will travel a reasonable distance to pick up a few. Looking for about 8 to 12 of them. Interested in 6 to 8 footers.
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    papa,if you have trouble finding any for the right price,you can always buy some legs and use plywood or door slabs to make them.folding banquet table legs are less than $20 a pair at home depot.add an old hollow core door and you're set.i used to do this for work tables(when i used to work,lol).and they're a lot lighter than those tables,but plenty strong.