WTB- 4 Stroke Kicker

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by K gonefishin, May 23, 2008.

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    I have a friend looking for a 8 or 9.9 Kicker motor, has to be long shaft, electric start and trim/tilt completely optional he needs a Tiller. He is located in North Olmstead has cash and ready to purchase.

    His preference is Mercury but Yammy is another option.

    Let me know what you have or know where one might be.

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    If he can afford it, tell him to check out shipyardmarine.com. They have T8s on sale for 2400 power and 2100 manual tilt/trim, sign up for a 0% interest card and pay it off over a year is what i did.

    nice thing is you dont get charged sales tax (save $150-175) as the place is in WI, and he will ship any where in US for $75. I was able to work out a deal and not pay shipping.

    Just a thought....I looked forever for the exact type motor your buddy is looking for and I could find one used that seemed worth what was being asked.

    I do know AlumCreek Marine in Delaware, Oh has a T9.9 power everything, remote, with controls for $1400 but it is a 2000. Apparently it wasnt used much, older couple had it on a pontoon.

    Good luck