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WTB: 12ga Shotgun

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by XL506, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. XL506


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    Hey guys,
    I am looking for a 12 gauge shotgun ( preferably with interchangeable chokes ). I'd LOVE an over/under, but doesn't matter if it's semi auto, or pump. You can get a new mossberg for 179$ at Gander Mountain, but Im looking around first. Looking to stay in that price range, or maybe make some trades. Please respond... Dove season opens Sept,1 and my 12ga has had its last days.
  2. If your in the market for a O/U 12 a cost effective option would be the Stoeger Condor for around $299 NIB(Dicks Sports is pushing them alot) your local gunshop might have some used 12s seems like every shop does, being this close to hunting season it shouldnt be but a matter of days before companys start to have hunting sales, if your looking for a 12 gauge in general and you dont have your heart set on any one type, then the deal at your local Gander for a Mossberg@ $179 would be hard to beat as well.

  3. XL506


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    I've looked at the Condor setup a few times. It's a nice looking gun, and it's gotten good reviews on the net. I've been hunting with a Winchester 1300 Semi Auto, with a poly choke for a while. And, she's gone now. I still miss the ole' poly choke. But, time to move on to something else. The Moss. 500 for 179 is probably what I will go with. It's a reliable gun, and for 179 it's hard to find a better deal ( like you said ).
  4. The Mossberg might not be the Cadillac gun on the floor but I have known more than one person who have owned them over the years without complaint, they have shot these guns to pieces and taken everything from squirrel to deer without a issue.
  5. caseyroo


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    Dick's in Highland Heights has a Mossberg 835 Woodlands Camo 12 ga for $149, and also a Beneeli Nova black Syn. for $199.
  6. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

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    I bought a 12 Gauge Mossy in 1983 and it's still shooting and operating like it did when it was new. I actually think it has gotten better with age, kinda like an old buddy now. Its reliability influenced my decision to purchase the deer/turkey combo they offered a couple years ago. I killed my first deer ever last year with it....1 shot at over 75 yards directly to the heart.I suppose the USMC marksmanship training helped a little with shot placement but that gun was dead on. I fired 10 practice shots with it and that was all I needed.
    I'm satisfied with Mossberg!
  7. XL506


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    Heres some stuff Im willing to trade for a 12ga...( all of it, if u can pick it up )

    1: 24volt Black and Decker Firestorm Cordless Hammer Drill, and sawzall set which includes:

    24V Hammer Drill (139.99$ - Lowes )
    24V Sawzall ( 69.00$ )
    Dual Port Charger ( 49.95$ )
    Black / Decker Auto Tape Measuerer, ( 17.00$ )
    Lots of bits, and tips and also a Firestorm Carrying bag
    * Over 250.00$ worth of tools, and they're like NEW, only used them to redo a bathroom *

    2: Table Saw, 10" ( 69.99$ )

    3: HP Photosmart M415 ( 5.2megapixel ) Digital Camera, with software, cable and books ( 195.00$ )

    4: Rotozip power tool ( 59.99$ )

    5: NEW ( with box ) Home Gym system that was like 200.00

    6: And a new ( Black in color with box ) mini refridgerator / freezer that was about 100.00 * Kenmore *

    I will trade ALL of the stuff I've listed for a nice 12gauge if you can pick all the stuff up ( you'll probably need a truck lol )

    Almost 1,000.00$ worth of stuff for a nice 12ga... I can take pictures of the stuff if youd like.