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Whistling Gophers. That’s right….Whistling Gophers.

Poke your head around any fly shop, retail store or consumershow in the fly industry the last few years, and that’s what youwill see….Whistling Gophers.

The scene usually looks like this: Fly guy is admiring a nicenew fly rod featuring the latest technology and gadgets. Fly guyasks the associate, “How much this Go-Pher?” Associate respondswith an exorbitant and ridiculous dollar figure high into thehundreds. Fly guy whistles, gingerly and embarrassingly placing therod back in the rack, then quickly turning and exiting the awkwardsituation: Whistling Gophers.

It’s all to frustrating that rod manufacturers these days seemto be missing the boat and completely misreading the pulse of theirconsumers. As debt-ceilings, bailouts and increasingly insanenational-debt figures continue to emerge on a daily basis, rodmanufacturers are hell-bent on breaking the $1,000.00 barrier.Meanwhile, the average fisherman is desperately trying to keep thegas and water on, contemplating whether he should take a 2ndmortgage out on his house to get a sweet new stick from one of thehaute couture rod brands.

Fortunately, there is one rod company that clearly identifieswith today’s conventional consumer and the reality that they livein. The Wright & McGill Co., in an effort to break barrier’s onthe opposite end of the spectrum, have introduced three new seriesof fly rods that achieve the highest levels of performance, power,weight reduction and most importantly…value.

Everyone knows that Nano-resin is newest and hottestmanufacturing trend in the industry and everyone also knows that itis the real deal. The weight-reduction and increase in strengthoffered by this state-of-the-art resin are truly impressive andhave further helped grow and advance the rod industry. Here is adirty little secret though: You don’t have to pay out the nose forit!

The Wright & McGill Generation II fly rods, new Fly Girl


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