Wowc 2005

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    Buckeye Lake March 20th ( Alt Sept if Ice on like the Fri before)
    Alum Creek April 17th
    Rocky Fort Lake May 29th
    C.J.Brown Lake June 26th
    Hoover Lake July 10th
    Championship Indian Lake Oct. 22 and 23rd

    You must be a club member to fish the circuit ($20 fee)

    Entries are $80 with a $10 big fish pot
    80% payback plus $5,000 in sponsor ship money and product and gift certificates to give out

    First place team of year gets $1000 cash, WOWC team of the year jackets, Mack lures, Reef Runner Lures, Vibe Lures, Two Custom 6ft. IMX rods, Sportsman's connection north and south Ohio map books

    Secound place and Thrid Place team of the year $250 cash

    We will be giving out all our sponsors products, gift certificates at all our tournaments. We also have qualify spots for the Cabela's National Championship .

    We will also be out on the water making a DVD of our tournament anglers out on the water and on stage.

    There is much more info, if interested contact John Clark at or check out our web page on this site.

    John Clark