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  1. 9,929 members now. Who would've thought huh? What a following. Look back at the things that have happened to all of us in the last, what?, 3 years?

    4/7/04 IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN?

    Look at our accomplishments, losses, deaths, mishaps, births, marriages, THAT WERE SHARED HERE , etc...

    What are we going to do for the 10,000th member if anything?

    Do we really realize just how big our site has grown too? I for one am amazed of the friendliness, knowledge, and comaraderie on this site.

    Keep up the good work people. God Bless America.
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  2. It's an awesome site..who wouldn't want to be a member. I tell everyone I know about it. We are new members but we really love the site and the people.

  3. KaGee

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    The boating site i belong to has almost 96,000 now.
    80% ask for and get help for their problem and you never hear from them again.

    I wonder what percentage of the 10,000 OGF members are active?
  4. If you look at the member list and sort by the number of posts you can get an idea of the number. I looked down the list from most posts to least and the first 1,500 had at least 35 posts. That gives a bit of an idea. Unfortunately many of the new profiles are spammers that get whacked immediately.
  5. KaGee

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    It would appear the statistics are similar. Interesting.
  6. Out of our 13 MILLION hits the site has received in June alone, only about 850,000 of them is traffic not viewed... ;) (Did I mention, we do have advertising rates available to interested businesses upon request) Email me at and we'll talk.

    Spammers are a big issue... We've taken some steps to keep them out, and the few who get through get taken care of by our moderators.

    Thanks to all of you for making OGF such a great place. :)
  7. seethe303

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    love the site!

    I've met a few people from here and they are all very cool and knowledgeable peoples.
  8. littleking

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    13million unique visits or pageviews?
  9. ShakeDown

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    13 million PV's. If it were uniques it would be on a level ;)
  10. I love the site! I don't post much because I don't feel that I have enough knowledge to make a good post. I have been a member for a while now and would go no were else! The guys and gals are the greatest!
  11. littleking

    littleking Crossing Lines LIKE A PRO

    exactly what i was thinking :)
  12. Don't think that you don't have enugh knowledge. What you know might benefit another member very much. I'll bet that you could teach me something that I don't know. Remember my friend,

    "you learn something new everyday".

    Glad you're here brother man.
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    Me thinks that would be "Sister Girl"...! :D ;)
  14. What makes you say that? Is Avaya a girls name? I don't know.

    If so, then, Welcome, Sister.
  15. Well to be honest Avaya is the brand name of my telephone at work. When I joined the site I couldn't think of a neat name like everyone else.

    Oh and it is Sister but it is okay. I am not your typical girl except when it comes to things that fly and buzz at the same time...

    Thank you for the encourging words that is why I like this place!
  16. Hook N Book

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    I was just a wild hunch since I really can't tell if the phone on my desk is male or female. :D

    Seriously, I happen to read her plea for smallmouth help in another thread. ;)
  17. Bubba bass bigfoot

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    almost 10,000 thats crazy. and to think of all the guests that are still viewing it.
    Im proud to be apart of it, and thanks all 9,929 members for helping me and welcoming me, sharing their stories. and of course making this site so great.

  18. stcroixjoe

    stcroixjoe (stcroixjoe)

    im always reading the post for info and i chime in sometimes and im on here everyday
  19. truly an awsome site!!! the comaraderie we all share is very unique!!! something you WILL NOT find on other sites!!! some dissagrements here and there but that can happen with 2 people!!!!:D i'm here daily to see whats going on...see whats for sale:D and be a small part of the BEST thing i have found since getting a computer!!!!! cudos to all!!!!!!!!!
  20. Our unique visitors average in the 30,000 range every month... Not CNN but not bad for a few Ohio fishermen! :D