WOW, you guys rock!

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    I just got back home, what a long but enjoyable week.

    I think we got it mostly right on the Hawg Fest for the most part. I (we)already have a couple of tweaks for next year where we can do a couple of things a little better, but overall I think it went very, very well.

    There is just no way in this post that I can thank everyone that deserves credit and thanks for the success of the Hawg Fest. There are however 5 groups that I would like to thank and acknowledge for helping make this event a success.

    1. The staff and volunteers of OGF that spent days in Vermilion working their butts off for no more return than a thank you and a bright green t-shirt to take home. This event could not and would not happen without you. Thank you.

    2. The Vermilion group. The people and businesses of vermilion devoted a lot of effort, time and money to make this event go as smoothly as it did. They were involved in the planning for months in advance and it showed, great job.

    3. The sponsors, there are many, and all play a very, very big role in the allowing us to put on this type of event. We could NOT do the Hawg fest without the support of our sponsors. They are supporting all of us, OGF and you the participant. Please repay that support if you have the opportunity.

    4. The participants are awesome. There is no way we or anyone else could handle over a 100 boat field in the Vermilion River without the cooperation and consideration of all of you. All of you come to the captains meeting, you follow (most:) )the directions, you come to weigh-in prepared. You make it possible for this to work. I also would like to thank those of you that didn't complain too much about me leading your flights almost to Lorain before I sent you on your way for the day:D

    Just as a comparison of the flights. Flight one was lined up in the straightest line I have ever seen. Flight two captains must have had a few hangovers from the night before:) . Flight three must have been the most excited because some just couldn't seem to wait to turn North a little early, but turned back east when asked, thank you

    5. The weatherman. FINALLY!!!!

    Thanks to everyone!