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Wow just wow.

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Ir0nMan, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Seen people snag a lot of fish and kept them. :confused:

    One person snagged 5 over 24 inch saugeye and kept it lol.

    Oh well.

  2. RiparianRanger

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    Program it in your cell phone. Goes straight to DNR enforcement.
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  3. Ok....
    Like I tell my children. Do what’s right and worry about yourself.
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  4. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    Sounds like the ole Hoover Honey hole, no?
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  5. There is your answer.
    Although this seems like its meant to start drama rather than to ask what to do in such a scenario.
  6. Fisherman 3234

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    Call the game warden.
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  7. Gotta be...there's been a slew of people there.
  8. Unacceptable. Whether you choose to call the tip line or not, please don't shrug that off. It's easy to follow the rules, but detrimental in the long run if we don't. Protect what we have.
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  9. KaGee

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  10. Eh ok delete this thread.
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  11. Actually i know right where he is fishing an hes being 100% honest. My buddy was down a couple days ago an called the hotline
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  12. Even for a fishing forum it was pretty bad BAIT.
  13. I think as soon as he mentioned snagging everyone knew where he was fishing...It'd be my luck if I did that I'd be fishing right next to an undercover officer.
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  14. Lol all the guys calling him out as a troll need to go spend an hour down there this time of year.... i guess its all bad right now guys with face tatoos and gold fronts tossing 3/8oz+ blade baits with over sized hooks.... warden has been notified an is looking out. Hope he does something.
  15. The warden should be doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out when this goes on...every year this clockwork...throw some plain clothes/waders on and go down there for an hour or two.
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  16. RiparianRanger

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    Call them and report it. If the warden is busy elsewhere they will dispatch local law enforcement.
  17. Yep, the warden use to do exactly that down below pleasent hill spillway. Fished next to him quite a few times. At night sometimes too. It got quite comical watching and listening to the conversations he would have with guys. They hadn’t a clue. Then all of a sudden.. Bam! He was great fisherman and an avid turkey hunter. He would always ask me.. hear any birds gobble this morning.
  18. It's not hard to do...just needs done...its a known hot spot every spring.
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  19. This was nov thru March back in the day. I’m talking early mid 80’s. Back when they put the footwork in instead of waiting on shore and asking if they could check your vehicle in the parking lots. It was hard for them to use glasses at pleasent hill because of the fishing area. It was a hard to fish area due to ice and snow. But he wrote a lot of tickets.