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    Ok as most people have said the smallies are putting on the feeding bag. My attended target was saugeye which I caught 2 that were 15 and 21". But now to the point i was only fishing for about 1hr 30 min. After the first 30 minutes with 1 saugeye i went farther up river and started hammering the smallies. They would only hit a 1/8 jig head with a pearl/ white tail. I caught 13 smallies total in about an hour. 3 were small guys 5 were 12-14 " 3 were 16" and the 2 biggest were 18 and 19". I also lost alot of fish and had a pike break my off. Good luck
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    Nice job! That river is hot right now! I'm taking a coupla days off,my arms hurt...too many fish.TC1