Would you buy a new car?

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  1. I have a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe with 85,000 miles in pretty good shape that's paid off. I replaced the brakes, belts, and oxygen sensor last summer. I don't really need a new car, but it would be really nice to have all-wheel drive (yes, I'm an idiot for getting an SUV without awd). Plus, my wife would be able to drive it and we'd be more versatile (it's a manual). I'm looking at a Subaru Forrester, Nissan Rogue, or Toyota Rav4. I've always been the type of guy to drive a car into the ground, but right now I could get $4000 in a trade-in. Is now even a good time to buy a car? The deals don't seem that great now. What would you do?
  2. YES....If you can pay cash..I pay cash for my trucks.I have not had a payment in years.Time to buy is now.

    Just saying.....

  3. I definitely can't pay cash....
  4. i havent had a car payment in 10 years. i have a 1988 chevy Beretta and a 1992 S-10 both with almost 200,000 miles. bought the beretta 6 years ago for 500.00 bucks and my truck last may for 550 bucks. my truck has issues but i would not think twice about driving my Beretta to florida and back. it runs perfect. its all about maintence. my mom has an 1987 Astro van that she bought brand new and its pushing 400,000 miles on the oringinal engine and transmission. MAINTENCE IS THE KEY.
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    If you don't really need one, why buy one? My wife's car has been paid off for the last three years, she wants a new car just to have a new car, no way! Unless you have an extra $300/month burning a hole in your pocket, save your money till it's necessary.

    You'll find plenty of deals if you have cash.
  6. If you dont need one, I wouldnt worry about getting a new one. If you need a new one then get it. You can probably find some good deals.

    Another tip, when you go and look at a new/used car and they ask you if you want to trade in say no. They will give you their so called best price for the car your looking at. Once you get that, tell them you have decided to trade in and they will deduct that from your price. Has gotten my dad a better deal quite a few times now.
  7. I just can't see paying $20,000.00 for a car. They lose 30% of value as soon as you drive it off the lot. Would anyone buy a home that will lose 30% right off the bat? You pay 5 years worth of payments but they only warranty it for 1 year bumper to bumper 3 years on the power train. They don't last much longer after you pay them off. Unless you're iam20fan's mom. Damn that's getting your monies worth.

    If and when I did I bought it 2-3 years old.
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    We just bought my fiance a new Ford Escape. We got it for $16,000 before taxes and title. Ford has some really good deals on cars right now.
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    Any reason you're not considering the CRV? Based on the models you listed, you're looking for a midsized SUV. CRV has an AWD option and has good fuel economy. Also, Honda's maintain their value better than any other maker and you can drive forever.
  10. We just bought a brand new GMC Acadia two weeks ago - you can't beat the financing right now. They offer 0% for 60mos or 1.9% for 72......think about it. You would only be paying just over $2,000 interest for the ENTIRE loan at 72 mos.

    There's no way you'll ever be behind on the value of a new car right now with the interest rates being so low. Besides all the cash back and bonuses that are out there........

    It's definately the time to buy right now.......if you can afford it.

  11. What dealer are you going to? "Shysters r us"?? We get 3 years bumper to bumper on our new Acadia and 5 years on the engine and powertrain..........

    PLUS - like I said above, we could get the 0% for 60 mos. or 1.9% for 72 - which is what we went with.........you'll NEVER be behind on the value. Period.
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    Only certain times I consider buying. If they are offering 0% financing for 3 years or more (I would consider buying new.) If my current vehicle begins to cost more in repairs than it's blue book value. My goal is always to get at least 10 years out of a vehicle. Remember also when you trade in versus selling on your own you don't pay taxes on that portion of the new vehicle that was deducted as part of the trade-in value. If you have a vehicle that meets your needs and isn't costing an arm an a leg repairs, in this economy I would hang onto it.
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    i would teach her how to drive stick. just go out to a big empty parking lot and let her have at it.

    vehicles are nothing but a money pit. if theres no real reason to get a new vehicle then i wouldnt personally do it. theres no way to "win"....itll cost ya.
  14. The CRV has been good for me. Good gas mileage, dependable to this point, made in central Ohio. The rear seats can be removed by four screws when you really need to load it up or for a long trip for two. My last Honda (1998) is still going strong with very little maintenance. Should be some good deals out there since auto demand is down.
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    We've bought 2 brand new cars in our lives. I bought a 2005 F150 and we traded it in for my Wifes 2008 Ford Edge. Thankfully she's really happy with the vehicle.

    I was lucky and got such a good deal on my F150 that I got what I owed on it without any issues on trade in. I really do 2nd the suggestion above. Do NOT tell a dealership that you have a trade in until you've worked out the best deal possible on a vehicle. Then tell them the trade in and they can't fix the prices around to make you think you're getting a better deal than you really are.

    The bad thing is that the Edge that we bought is a phenomenal vehichle and we love it but even with the deal we got on it... We owe more than it's worth.

    I just bought a 2003 Toyota 4Runner and paid cash. I love the vehicle , it has low miles and Toyota's are known to go forever.... Best of all I bought it off of Craigslist for well below book value. It took a lot of time to find the right car but with some patience you can really get some great deals right now. I dont know that I'll personally ever buy a brand new vehicle again. I don't known if my wife will now or not after seeing how well we did with the 4Runner.

    Just some food for thought. I'd love a new vehicle but I like knowing that I have no payment. Although I did use my boat money I was saving it's much better having something to drive in that you really like. It means you'll keep the vehicle longer and generally speaking be much happier with it :)
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    I realize 0% is a good thing but I'm not sure 5 or 6 year financing is. In my opinion, with a loan for that amount of time, you will ALWAYS be behind on the value. This is assuming you only make the minimum payments.
  17. I agree with most of the comments here. I say if the vehicles you have are sufficient then don't bother. But as mentioned now is a great time to get deals on new vehicles if you are in the market. Think about it. The sales volume is rock bottom so they will do almost anything to get a car off their lot. I have heard a few stories recently of people getting ridiculous marked down prices on new vehicles.
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    my wife, she comes home from shopping and says "i saved $30!"....i say wow!... guess how much you would have saved if you hadnt gone at all!

    she doesnt like that too much. :D
  19. Winter is almost over (thank god). Take the money you would be paying for a new car payment and pay yourself into a savings account. This way you are the one making the interest. When the actual need arises to get a new car you'll have the extra money for a bigger down payment and your monthly payments can be lower.
  20. That is all pretty sound advice except that the term "interest" is nearly a non-factor nowadays.;)