Would Like Get Maps Of Conny

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Eriesteamer, Aug 16, 2007.

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    I have a few now but they are not best I think can be gotten.Wanted the lake depth type that show how deep the lake be.same for the Ashtabula area.I fish both but in all my days just came across these few that are not best in what I was up to.Any one in here got better ones.and can send me copy.I know you can buy them but I know not where and just want these 2.not a book full.I was going to mark them of my hot spots.if I get any good ones.know how deap water was where I got lots fish (walleyes) and why must have the depth info.
  2. I have the book of the Ohio Lakes that I could scan for you.
    Not from the area, so I would need the exact names of the two lakes you mention ?

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    Eriesteamer BORN TO RIDE THE WAVES

    I was not looking for a map of a lake.but the 2 fishing areas of Lake Erie the Ashtabula and the Conneaut area.the lake Depth type map.to see how deep it be here and there.As I had a few hot spots in the lake that I like find then use a GPS to get back to them.I have a good idea how deep they was.and how far out.the ones I got now are not to good as they are washed out hard see area and depth.you likely have non but then see if so.Wallmart had a big book on these but no Erie that I seen and what they had was high in price for what it be.well now you know what I am after.I too have a few in land lakes books for south Ohio that has simular ones for the lakes south of Akron.but thats not my bag as I fish all that are up from Akron.my main place is Erie in a boat.
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    Sorry to sy but I all ready got his maps.and they where great.but the bad thing was they did not go out to the candian bouys as thats where I fish.that be 12 miles out if I be rite.Thanks for the info.