worst nightmare came true

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  1. Wow, thats a pretty wild story, especially being that it may be a possible homicide.

  2. That is going to stay with you for a long time and all you can do is look at the positive side, that you may help bring closure to a family with a missing loved one.
  3. yeah they will be out there again shortly to send in dive teams to look for a car there are tire tracks but the car is not visible.

    Definitely made for a rough nights sleep
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    That sucks. Back in the 80's they fished a dead body out of West Branch while we were going by in a boat. It was un-nerving as hell.
  5. thats some crazy stuff
  6. So it sounds like it was not homicide? Is it a private road to your lake? if so curious what he was doing back there.
  7. no the road is public it runs parallel to the lake
  8. That is some crazy stuff...my prayers to the family and yours.
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    They had an area of Pymatuning sectioned off several years ago as divers looked for a guy that fell out of his boat. That sorta freaked me out. I can’t even imagine finding a floating body. Hope victim’s family and you can eventually find some peace.
  10. I helped the Oregonia sheriff and ODNR search for a drowned swimmer a couple years ago at CC. The family was on the beach (it was raining and overcast) and said one of the members (older kid about 20 I guess) went swimming and went under. I was the only boat with a fish finder. I went back and forth and couldn't find anything that looked out of the ordinary. They used dogs and airplanes over the next few days (even cancelled some outing that was supposed to be at the beach the next day). They found the guy in about 18' of water a few days later. I had the longest pole of the groups searching (15' plug knocker for muskie lures) and never hit anything I investigated. Sheriff had about an 8' pole. I think divers ended up locating him. Weird phone call to my wife that day.


    I found these pics...they were from the following day or so (it's sunny in the pics and was raining when he originally went under).
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    Wow crazy stories to say the least
    Surprised you didn't get an interview ;)
    Still having trouble imagining the things you must have :(
    Hope you are having a little bit better sleep now. Thought go out to you and the families