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  1. i was fishing a purple worm pulling it slowly across the bottom. i would feel the strike set the hook and nothing. i let them run with it and set the hook still nothing. my worms were beeing bit in half. what was goin on? what should i do to solve this problem?
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  3. no they would hang on long enough to jump out the water and i saw all bass
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    I was thinking the same thing. If they are bass maybe try a smaller worm and see what happens. Good luck!

    OK That was at the same time. Well since you verified they were bass, I would change up and try again. How big was the worm you were using?
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    try a smaller worm or add a stinger hook to the rig
  6. 7 in berkly power worm. las nite i was doing awsome doing the same thing. is it just as simple as a color change? i swithched to a senko and nothing. fluke nothing scum forg bunch of strikes but no hook ups.
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    What kind of hook are you using?

    I only use an EWG hook when fishing w/ any large worms or senkos, and now almost never miss a fish.

    Also, this may sound first day of school, but make sure you are reeling all the slack out of your line. If they are running w/ it alot of times it looks like you have all the slack reeled up, but there is a bunch of slack under the water.
  8. i use 5/0 gamakatsu and i let it run until i feel it tugging on the line
  9. I say use a smaller worm or a bigger hook. Also your hook may be to big for the bass, and they cant fully inhale the hook. mabybe try downsizing the hook size.
  10. You said you were dragging it on the bottom, so if there is no weeds try using a jighead. Then you don't have to set the hook through the worm. Lucky Strike jigs have Gammy's in 'em, and it's one of the last good things still in Wal-Marts fishing section.
  11. What is the action on your rod? If you dont have enough backbone on it that can be a problem. If its not heavy or medium heavy you might want to use a sweeping motion on your hook set. Or maybe you set the hook like my grandma.LOL
  12. I agree with two of the other replys. 3/0 Extra Wide Gap hook. Might also try changing to a worm with some flecks in it. I like black with blue fleck or watermallon seed that has black flecks. Theory is the bass think the flecks are a school of fry. Also try some garlic scent to mask the smell of your hands.
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    I am joining with the rest in the opinion that downsizing the hook and possibly the worm should be the first couple of things to try.
    If you have yet to buy those 3/0 hooks I would also suggest going to a light wire hook. The thinner the wire the easier it is to get into the cartilage of the fish mouth (I seen more than once the analogy to the medical needle – the thinner the needle the easier and less painful it is to stick it to ya).
    After you start boating fish is you are fortunate () enough to start losing :B because they straightened the hook out then switch back to the bigger/tougher hook… and let this forum know because I have yet to see too many folks claiming to have straightened a hook out on a bass strictly because it was such a :B .
  14. down sized the hook did beter went to a 1/0 with a 5in worm. although my buddie and i lost 4 fish over 3lbs. spitin the hooks after they jump 2 times.