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Worm harness go to line

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Havoc, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Havoc


    uses 16 lb to make my harnesses this weekend, size 5 blade catch a couple big eyes . And line was done snarling up. Any recommendations
  2. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    I use 20 lb vanish. Catch quite a few. Then throw them in a bucket. Winter time beer drinking project to cut them and make a ton of them by the wood burner

  3. Havoc


    Lol thanks, I just made some out of 12lb. Fluorocarbon 100percent hope it survives
  4. chrisrf815

    chrisrf815 Get the net!

    I use 40lb. Mono to tie mine, it still fits through clevisis. No joke, catchese a lot of fish too, had to re tie a couple becuase of fraying, from teeth. Wire is a joke, had several break when fish were flopping around in the boat. And also tie good knots, lost several fish because store bought harnesses came untied with a fish on due to bad knots.
    At the end of the day hand tied harnesses with strong line tied with your tried and true knots are the best and you can only blame yourself if they fail!
  5. 20 Seaguar Red. Used it for years now without issue. Was given a sample spool of blood run walleye harness line and have not had an issue with that either. Those would be my top 2
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  6. ill third the red label 20# just make sure you tie Palomar on the swivel
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  7. Most guys use 17lb for eyes, watch for nicks
  8. That's is what I have used the last two years since my start in walleye fishing. I never have a break off yet.
  9. 20 pound Seaguar Red here also.
  10. I've had 5 or 6 break off in 6 years of using it . I couldn't figure out why.... then broke one when rigging .... turned out the beads I used had little burrs on the out side ..... as the spoon in the water it wore the line thin . Use good beads with a chamfered end on both ends of the I.d and you won't have any break offs
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  11. Used 20# Sseaguar for 10 years and usually got two seasons out of each harness. My standard harness was tied six to six and a half feet in length with a quality Spro mini swivel at the end. Never had a problem with twisted harness or swivel failure. Seaguar is a quality flurocarbon and seems to hold up better than others as far as nicks and rubs.