World Series

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by BiteMyLine, Oct 24, 2007.

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    With Josh Beckett on the hill and the bats on fire with the Red Sox are going to be extremely hard to beat. The pitching staff is very good and the bullpen is very dependable and are good at shutting down hitters. Manny is swinging the bat unbelievable as is the rest of the team. Colorado is tough however and Schilling is going to have his hands full facing talented rookie starter Ubaldo Jimenez. Overall Boston takes the series in 5 games, they are just too dominate compared to Colorado.
  2. I would have to agree. Ever since game 5 of the ALCS, they have been on a role. I wouldn't be surprised if they sweep the Rockies.

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    The Rockies had thier run and it is coming to an abrupt end. The Red Sox have some hot bats and Josh Beckett. After last night's game I would say it's over in 5 games if the Rockies get lucky and pull one game out.