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world record walleye?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by saugeyesam, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. hey all you walleye saugeye fisherman and anyone else who is interesed in this i was on some site early this afternoon and found this.
    apperntly there was a 46 pound 2 oz walleye caught out of Sacandaga resivoir wherever that is theres no phpto of this fish the only other thing it says is the year 1940. no month no date i'll try and find the site again and post the adress on here oh yeah right next to this wieght it says new record
    and another wieght 25lbs some odd oz. out of some lake in tennesee i just find it hard to fathom a forty six pound walleye i wish there was picture of this fish. :eek:
  2. That record still stands and is a Northern Pike.

  3. misfit

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    i checked that site out,and i think what you saw was a typo,or someone just got there fish confused :rolleyes: ;)
    that is the old world record pike.
    i did some more searching to find site also still lists an 18 pounder from greers ferry as a record,but the standing world record walleye is the 25 pounder from old hickory lake in tennessee.
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  5. Whaler

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    It was probably a Zander!
  6. I believe the 22 # fish from Greers Ferry is now recognized as the world record walleye. The one from Old Hickory had a growth in it's stomach ;-) (lead weights). Here's a rundown of record walleye by state:

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    the record is 37lb I went to the fishing hall of fame this year. the have the mount