World record buck on camera?

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by mossboss, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Snook

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    My god what a "MONSTER"!!!! I was shakin in my computer chair. You can bet that there is a lot of money being spent by "professional" hunting personalities trying to bag that pig. I don't know but I'll bet Stan Potts and Pat Reeve's is on him. They seem to be tight with Buffalo County outfitters. Anyhow, whoever gets him we will know about. What a MONSTER!

  2. I could'nt believe it either.Just huge!
  3. Kdog

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    Its not walking anymore guys was shot on the 1st of Nov by a guy from Eau Claire Wisconsin on land that he and a few friends lease.Its a 14 pt but a typical 12 pt,,,,,2 of the pts share the same base with another pt.

    I was in Winona Minnesota right across the Mississippi river from Buffalo county Wisconsin where it was shot on the day it was taken,,,,,word spread over there like wild fire.

    Do a search on youtube Buffalo county record buck,,,,,you will see alot more info on it there.

  4. That is a hog...I wonder if that deer's neck ever got tight carrying that big of hardware on his head?
  5. My hips sometimes bother me so I would guess his neck gets sore from time to time:p
  6. Randy, big diff between that deers antlers causing a sore neck and that big fat A$$ of your making your hips hurt. :)