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World Class Bow

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by DrZ, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. DrZ


    Hey, Someone has been selling lots of Martin Scepter II's on ebay for the past two months at redicoulous prices. They have all been going for $200-$250 dollars. Thats an unbelievable deal. I think they are being sold by Martin themselves to get rid of the old Scepter II risers which have been replaced with the new Scepter III's. They are set up with 14" Magnum limbs, which are a very good glass laminate limb. And they have the 2004 Dyna cam. For those of you not familiar with the Martin Scepter II, It is a very accurate riser that was designed for inernational indoor/outdoor FITA Target competetion. On the national and international levels, It is probably the winningest indoor target bow in the last 10 years. It is very accurate and forgiving. This bow is not a screaming fast set up, but It is fast enough to be a great deer bow and even shoot 3d as long as you aren't a speed freak. It may have a little more vibration than some of the new models with built in supressors but that can be fixed with an active stabalizer and limb savers. If you ar looking for a new bow or want to get started in bowhunting/archery you will not find a bow that is easier to shoot or more accurate. At 200 bucks this is a steal. Just search by "Martin Scepter".