Working over in Dayton Need Info!!!!

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  1. Started working in Dayton going to be out there for awhile.Im after Saugeye,walleye,sauger,trout you know the good stuff.Any places near dayton that are good.The mad river runs about a block from where im working.Anyone catch trout that far south?I think the little miami runs right through dayton also.Does those little damns produce any eye's?
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    That's the GMR not the LMR and it's full of fish. Some folks are scared to fish there cuz of the city life that wanders down there on occaision but if you're in the water you got more ba!!s than they do and they'll leave you alone.The dam down by the art museum is good for saugeyes starting about the end of Jan an better in Feb and Mar. Also good smallies down there too once it warms up.All through the city is good pool/riffle structure and plenty nice fish.
    The Mad might have a trout wash down that far on occaision but you'd find one alive mostly in the spring as it gets too warm later on.It has some very nice smallies but the stretch you're talking about gets pounded pretty hard my the locals. It's better up by Huffman dam,in the spring the river is full of crappie up there that come out of the lake to spawn in the river.TC1

  3. The huffman damn is that the one up rt 4 just a little north of dayton?Theres like a recreational lake there.
  4. sounds like your new job is right off of Stanley ave or Keowee st (mine is right off stanley) . either way both of those bridges that cross the Mad have good smallie fishing around them. the pool between the old steele dam and the monument low dam in downtown Dayton has some suprisingly good smallie fishing as well. smallies tend to run small and fewer once you go north of the stanley/findlay bridge on the Mad. i have caught trout in the past right there at the stanley/findlay bridge but i was sucker fishing, never targeted them in the Mad though. i am sure they are very few and far between (?) this far south. every winter i say i am going to walk from harshman to findlay st and target them but never do. eyes are getting fewer each year south of Dayton. Huffman Lake is pretty much a mud hole, never have done good on anything in there. the pool below huffman is really good, especially there at the dam but it is now off limits due to homeland security policies.
  5. I didnt know they were not allowing any fishing by the dam. I always found it shallow just past the dam area. Now down stream a little further than that, there is an excelemt low head dam that great fishing.
  6. everything on the west side if the Dam (whole length of the Dam, and both sides of river BTW) have "Posted" signs now. "No Tresspassing-City of Dayton call 333-Cops for violations) there are a couple water wells over there, that is my guess. :(
  7. So what happens if someone would decide to go upstream from the harshman rd bridge right there by eastwood?? Are there any signs around the river over there?

    Also if you floated the area in a jon boat would that fly? you would be on the water and not on the ground, right?
  8. no signs there by eastwood. i do know if you try and wade upstream from harshman you will get the cops called on you for tresspassing on well field property (land under the mad river is wellfield property), they arent BS'in around now since 911. i really dont know how far down the "posted" land goes there at huffman dam but i do know the pull off just down from the dam there at the rr bridge isnt posted. its a shame, there was some really good fishing there at the dam.
  9. if you are looking for some nice eyes i would deffinately recommend the GMR in troy. That is where i do a lot of my saugeye fishing throughtout the year.