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OK, this should be the last day for my long hours (10 - 14 hrs/day ) of a long list of projects at work. Basically it is all catup stuff that wasn't able to be done until the weather broke. Well its all caught up now after today. Now I can get down to business for myself. I have about 10 rods that need mailed out and another 21 to get done. I will have about 12 hrs/ day over the next few days getting them done. If anyone on here has something coming your way, it will be out in the next day or two. You will have it by this Thursday and you have my word on that.

It's amazing that 1 week of long hours can and does get me behind so fast on doing what I love to do, build fishing equipment. Good thing I love doing it so much.

I am taking some pictures later tonight of a few rods and was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions on a resizing program so I can get them on my site. They are the Bass rods for JBJ.
Jim Reed
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