woodside lake

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  1. i hit this local lake yesterday durning the day and man the carp were every where as normal so me and a friend went out and bought a loaf of bread and started fishing as soon as we got their i hooked real nice carp for that lake it was a easy 15lbs and all i had was a ultra light rod and 6lb test so it took off and i couldnt stop it got to the shore and it took off again and snaped my line after that had a few more runs but riped it out of their mouth and head down shore anlitte bit amd caught about 5 their all were mosly like 3-4-5 lbs not too big but still fun so then we head all the way up the lake to the mouth were a small creek leads into it and the carp were just stacked and we caught about 7 their and then ran out of bread it sucked i will be back their for sure soon but i only got off 2 pic than the camera died but here are them [​IMG][​IMG]