Woodchuck Chuck Here!

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by fugarwi7, Jan 28, 2008.

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    I spent 6 hours on Sunday and rough cut 44 baits :eek: ...I am now making an official request with the mods to change my name to Woodchuck Chuck! :D I am out of control! My skin has taken on a permanent sawdust texture and my hair has completely changed colors...I could catch the flu and my nose would not run due to the sawdust packed into my nostrils :D And to think I haven't even begun to sand and shape these babies yet...Last night I couldn't sleep because I dreamt I had mixed up all of the jointed bait bodies and tails and couldn't get them sorted out correctly...Quick, someone throw me a life preserver :C , or is it already too late??? :confused:

    Okay...now I am heading to the garage to start sanding these dudes...I will respond to your inquiries, quips and comments sometime in March!! :D :D

    I going in!!
  2. god speed son, there is no hope for you, soon the razor goes on vacation, more time to build why shave? haircut? nah wear a hat, more time to build, lol, i feel your pain, spent 4 hrs sunday in the shed( no heat, minus 16) cutting blanks, frogs, jackhammers, and ducks, now to sand them arghghghghgh, lol


  3. Man, you guys got it BAD! LOL! ;)
  4. ezbite

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    dont sweat it buddy, that ice is on a short leash and open water will be here soon. then you can see all you work put to the test.
  5. eyesman_01

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    He won't have time to fish. He'll be too busy building baits. Fishing? Nah, buy from the store, more time to build. LOL :D
  6. What on earth have I gotten myself into? I feel an uncontrollable urge to run to the garage....:D
  7. 44 baits!? Wow! I finished painting 3 in the garage mon and tues and cut 3 more, thought I would take advantage of the warm weather. makes me want to bring the saw in the house! Looking forward to 44 new pics.:D
  8. Sounds like someone needs an intervention.
    We love you man, and that's why we're all here. We are all very worried about you and want to help you regain control. :p
  9. fugarwi7

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    LMAO...Hi, my name is Brian and I am a...............Be careful soc, this stuff gets a hold on you and won't let go..........pics will be slow coming....gonna try a staged approach for many baits at one time...then to the next stage, etc...doubt if I see any paint action for a few weeks, at the earliest.
  10. i know what u guys are going thru ,my wife told me to put my wood away for a while and pay some attenion to her .o well she working this weekend ha ha
  11. fugarwi7

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    Then why are you putting the wood away? :D

    Sorry, but the door was wide open!