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Wont be long now

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by hiddenlake, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. I'm hearing the ice on Lake Erie is forming and almost ready, will post and let you all know when it's time. If you wanna catch some huge eyes be ready to travel and have one of the best times you've ever had on the ice!!! :)
  2. just say the word and i am ready!!!

  3. Good now I got 2 people who wanna catch some hogs, just heard the ice is forming nice and should be a go within 2 weeks, hope 1 of you guys got a 4 wheeler or snow mobile, we travel 5 to 7 miles out, if you dont I can make some runs back to pick you up. Went and seen the lake yesterday and all I see is ice. Heard there was 10 '' of ice at the islands. I'll keep you informed and we must go on a NORTH wind. Cant wait, we missed em last year, the ice wasn't safe enough for us to go.
  4. Hearing reports of catching small ''eyes'' around mouse Island, 2 more days of work and will find out what's going on out there.
  5. Can't wait for your report...
  6. Will check the ice conditions tuesday, heard a report on that a guy did good west of mouse island. If I remember right that island is 1/4 mile offshore in catawba. Also I expect to be fishing the reefs in a week or so. Will let you know my friends !!!
  7. Looks like you won't be fishing the reefs next week we're getting a little warmer all the way through...
  8. as long as it stays cold at night it's just like most years my friend, will find out tomorrow how things are. Good reports today out at mouse island !!!
  9. ... now thats good news then...
  10. will let you guys know how we did today :D