wondering what people think of him

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  1. got this nice 8 on nov.8 and dont really know what he scores but would like to hear what everybody thinks. any reply would be great. he has a 26in neck and weight is 225 dressed
    he measures:
    g2 left 11.5
    right 11.75
    g3s left4.5
    brows left 4
    right 3.75
    inside spread 19
    good mass but not sure of measurements. any guesses on score would be great let me know what you think

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  2. DaleM

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    Great looking deer for sure. No matter what he scores, you have to be proud.

  3. thanks! its my biggest buck yet i am very proud no doubt. and it only figures on saterday on youth season i saw his daddy as i was freezing in a tree stand with no buck tag. same woods same stand same spot. almost cryed letting him walk
  4. congrats on a great buck!and your biggest to boot!!if i would have to say a score i would say in the neighborhood of 115-125 somewhere in that ballpark.but nontheless a beautiful buck!
  5. Great buck...Congrats. I am no help with scoring deer. On the bright side, at least you know that bigger buck will hopefully be back next year and he will be even BIGGER!