wonder wether but got skunked!

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  1. :S Aug 12 th. I got my lines in the water by Hooters at 07:50 Three rods were baited with 3 different baits. Not one bite by 08:40, so headed up river. 2nd spot was just below the marina at Dayton. Same story there as well. I started working my way back down river. 3 stop was just above Queen City boats. I headed the boat over to the Ohio side to the deeper water. The fish finder just did NOT mark any fish along that bank. I put my lines in at the over look above the Big Mac bridge. I fished there for 30 minutes, nothing there either. I went back to the Ky. side, fished the 2nd pier of the Big Mac bridge. I marked 2 big cats with the fish finder there, however they did NOT bite. I moved back to Hooters to try again, but same results. My last stop of the day was above the Ky. pier of the L&N bridge. I finally packed it in and went back to the ramp around 12:20. I had expected a great day since the river was in such good shape and the weather was perfect the past 4 days. I was flat out skunked today.
  2. See my post from 8/9. Seems to be a lot of fishing for the amount of catching we've been doing in the Cincy stretch of the river.

  3. Was also on the river on Tuesday (8-12).

    Put in at Schmidt at 6:45am and headed towards downtown Cincy, opposite of the route we normally fish.

    Caught plenty of small smallmouth, largemouth, and spotted bass, with the key word - small. However, action is action and I'd rather catch litte uns than nothing.

    Beautiful day and it was just great to get out.

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