Wolf Run

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  1. Thinking about going to Wolf Run this week. Has anyone fished it lately? Will be mostly chasing bass or crappie. Any info will be appreciated.
  2. Still looking for some info about this lake. May be going there tomorrow with my nephew and would like to know how the bass fishing has been recently. I know this is a 10 horse lake. Do I need to trim up my big motor? Can I use the big motor to trailer the boat there, or do I have to use the wench only? Are there many weed beds this time of year? I've never fished this lake before and am looking for any general information that might help.;) Don't want to get skunked.

    Thanks Folks

  3. Well we fished Wolf Run on friday, and it was tough conditions. Rained most of the morning, then when it did clear up the wind started. Probably about 15mph or more. First time I've fished that lake and I'll be back. It is really a nice small lake with lots of grass and laydowns. Didn't catch much, just a couple of bass aroung 12" to 13", and several grees sunfish, but it was still a day on the water so we had fun. I missed three other bass, just couldn't get the hook set good for some reason. Hope to make it back there before the ice comes on. I know there are some nice bass there, I had one about 3-4 lbs follow my bait, but wouldn't take it after she saw the boat. Didn't try for any crappie this time but hope to go try them in the spring. Water temp was in the low 70's and it was very clear.
  4. Lewis


    Me and a buddy fished Wolf Run on Friday also.
    We were on more of a learn the lake trip.
    We spent a lot of time looking around,marking various humps etc.
    We managed one small Saugeye,5 Bass from 12-14" and 2 Channel cats that liked our crankbaits.

    Its a pretty tough lake to fish.Lots of very steep dropoffs and lots of structure that looks the same.
    Going back next week for some more research.
  5. You certainly did better than we did. Not sure why I couldn't get a good hook set. Guess I need to check for some dull points ;) We want to go back again too, but don't know when I'll get a chance. Sure hope the weather is better next time. I drained one of my batteries fighting that wind. We were just beating the bank for bass. Didn't look for any deep structure this trip. May look around more next time. We takled to the game warden when we were leaving. He said we could use the gas motor to unload and load. Glad to know that. It'll make it easier next time. He seemed really nice. Said he is the one there most of the time and doesn't worry too much about the laws as long as people are using common sense and acting responsible. He didn't even check our license, and my boat is registered in WV. That really surprised me. Good luck again next trip. Maybe I'll see you there some time. I have the blue Tracker in my avitar.