Wolf Run....couple of questions

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Flippin 416, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Hey all.....my Dad and I are thinking about heading down to Wolf Run this Saturday. This would be our first trip down there.

    First question....anyone been fishing there latley? If so how's the fishing. We would be targeting bass.

    I read on some of the older threads abour Wolf Run that it sounds like it has some weedcover during this time of the year.....how much?

    Lastly...there is one ramp on this lake? If so we would be coming 77 south to this lake....which exit and where from there? I have an idea just looking for some clarification.

  2. Not sure how it's fishing now, but it's a great lake lake. There are some big ones caught during the spring. I can't give you exact on directions but from 77, you'd take 70E and probably want to take the Seneca exit and I believe go right. I take all the backroads so unsure. There are some weeds but I wouldn't consider it a weedy lake. Good fishin!

  3. Dont know what its like right now. You will encounter a lot of weed cover tho. It is a clear lake with steep drops. They stocked Saugeyes there several years ago and they are starting to get some size to them. They also stock Trout there in March every year, thats what I think make the bass get so big there. If you come south on 77 get off at the Belle Valley exit. Not sure the number. At the end of the ramp turn left and go thru town. On the out skirts you will come to the jct.of st rts.821 & 215. turn left on 215 and go about 3 miles. The entrance to the ramp will be on your left. Good Luck!!!! Forgot to mention that it has a 10hp. Limit also.
  4. Thanks for the help guys! We had no problem finding it.

    The bite was tough today. We threw everything at them except the kitchen sink. We caught a few crappie, rock bass, and even a gill. I had once nice hook up on a Carolina rig only to have it come off just before we could see what it was. Wolf Run is a nice little lake..DEEP!! and very clear. I can see us making a return trip there in the spring to see if our luck is a little better! What a morning to be on the water....gorgeous!!!