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With the 1st and 4th picks of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Browns select ??

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Snakecharmer, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Ok who do they draft? Thanks to injuries befalling Texas, the picks for Watson and Osweiler are sweet....Almost like having 4 1st rounders as there will be some players thought to have 1st round talent that will drop into the second round. Now they have to find some impact players instead of just another guy(s)....

    A QB, RB, Safety, CB and LB are priorities. Along with WR, OL and DL...Pretty much any standout at any position can't hurt!!!!

    Rosen's concussions bother me a little along with Darnold's turnovers... Mayfield is a douche on the field and Josh Allen was underwhelming this season but may be a Big Ben type...

    Cousins or some other experienced QB may eliminate taking a QB early but should stop them from taking one with one of there top 5 picks.

    What say ye?
  2. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    They don't need a starting caliber LB as they have Collins, Kirksey and Schobert under contract. They do need 2 CB and a S on defense.

    First round, I'm thinking RB then CB.

    Second round, I'm thinking WR, S, WR.

    The rest is for depth or hoping some sleeper is a surprise. This is assuming they land Cousins in FA and they don't trade back. Please don't trade back. As for players, I like Barkley of Penn St, WR St Brown of ND, CB Ward of OSU, S Justin Reid of Stanford and WR Arden Tate of FSU.

  3. Minka Fitzpatrick or Barkley would be good. A sleeper at QB would be Mason Rudolph, Okla State.
  4. Flathead76

    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    I am confident that if the Browns could use their draft picks to select out of the football hall of fame in Canton that they would still find a way to mess it up.
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    ^^^^’s bad enough that for us browns fans the last 6-7 games of the season was when we would normally start getting excited for the draft instead of the post season. The last two years I was half heartedly into the draft and this year I pretty much have no hope. Like every year, I hope they don’t blow it in typical browns fashion. Hopefully the qb they take number one will amount to something. I’d really like to see them bring in Alex Smith for a rookie to learn under for a year or two. Hell, draft two of them in the first round lol. A running back wouldn’t be a bad idea but not in the first round. As it seems every year, this team needs freakin help everywhere.
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  6. Don't need to over think it. We have a ton of picks and a huge payroll. Need offense. A Qb with that first pick. Qb Mason Rudolf #1. WR with at 2. We have no immediate issues at RB. We have decent backs. If available we grab Ryan Findley early in the 2nd. Then fill D and other O needs in the draft and FA. Bring in Alex Smith. Just stay away from Cousins. Oh yea, and fire the 1-31 HC...
  7. At RB we have Duke...Crowell will be leaving as a free agent...Rudolf will be available at 10 -20.
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  8. buckeyebowman

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    What killed me watching the wild card playoffs this weekend, was how many former Browns there were on playoff teams! Yet, former regimes didn't seem to think they were good enough!

    This draft will be interesting, but I'm going to hold my fire for now. Let's wait till March and see how things develop.
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  9. Scum_Frog

    Scum_Frog Set The Hook`

    We dont have a chance to land cousins unfortunately. If we have anyone we will land either Alex Smith or Tyrod Taylor I bet. Im fine with Alex smith. Im not over Kizer. He needs to develop and sitting behind Alex Smith for a year or two would do exactly that. If this was my draft I would do this with our first three picks.
    1. Saquan Barkley
    2. Minkah Fitzpatrick
    3. Equanimeous St. Brown or Best Available OT-Trading up into late first round.
    After these picks the rest would be Wide out's and Corners. Our DL is set, our Linebackers are set our O line could use one more guy pending on what Joe Thomas actually does. If we land Minkah our D changes immensely and we get to put Peppers where he belongs and have an actual ball hawk for some turnovers.
  10. Why don't you think we have a shot at Cousins?..I would rather sign Cousins than make a trade for Alex Smith...I bet KC would want the #4 pick for him...and Tyrod Taylor is garbage.
  11. I would go with Darnold or Rosen at #1...then Barkley at #4 if he's there...what we do in FA will determine what we do in the draft with picks 1 and 4 anyway.
  12. Heard Haslam's bum thinks there are a couple guys on the Massillon Tigers that would be good picks. Lol. Seriously I would say our biggest need is WRs that can actually catch the ball.
  13. Scum_Frog

    Scum_Frog Set The Hook`

    They are saying Washington will either keep him and if not he will land in Denver or possibly Giants. Lets be honest if money being offered is about the same and you can either go to Denver or Giants with O'dell where you going? lol.
    Tyrod Taylor is far from garbage. Averaging 3k yards passing and 500 yards rushing a year is far from garbage lol weve witnessed garbage for how many years haha. But if its my choice obviously Cousin's is the #1 objective but I dont think its going to happen. Would LOVE it to happen but probably wont. If thats the case I want a two year take Alex Smith or even Eli Manning for those two years.....they wont win us a super bowl but they will make us a competitive team finally and really mentor Kizer. Kids in this years draft are not AFC North QBs. Sunny california QB's do not belong in our division like it or not it does not work.
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  14. Tyrod Taylor is garbage...not what we want nor need...and the Browns are on the list for a landing spot for Cousins...for sure...especially with the money they have to throw or pieces to a team play no role in that decision...the Giants are horrible...the Broncos are horrible...and we are in the process of putting together a reputable front office...there are things to like about the may not want to admit of the two, possibly both(Darnold or Rosen) will be a franchise qb in the NFL...KC is gonna want too much for Smith...offer Cousins the largest deal for a QB in the NFL and go from there if you don't like any of the Qb's in the draft...Tyrod Taylor may be the most overrated qb in the league...I put him in the category of Dalton...they will get your team in a stranglehold...they will string you along just enough for you to second yourself and then get you pretty much nothing in the end...this may be weird coming from a browns fan but I want more than 8-8 and an early exit from the playoffs...strange huh?
    We have a legit shot at Cousins in the off season and I hope it would free up a lot more options in the draft...I'm not writing Kizer off just yet either...his biggest problem is the short throw...not sure if that can be fixed.
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  15. Scum_Frog

    Scum_Frog Set The Hook`

    Completing over 62% of his passes for over 3,000 yards and 4:1 td to int ratio and rushing for over 500 yards is hardly over rated lol. Especially for the Bills who he has had who to throw too? Im not saying Darnold or Rosen wont make it in the NFL....hell Baker Mayfield my make it in the nfl but not in the AFC North. Josh Rosen's stats will look good against the awful teams he plays in his conference.....he won 6 games this year and lost to any descent team they played. Went 3-3 last year before he was out for the rest of the year from injury. No thanks. Denver went 5-11 and have a more respectful organization with Elway and same goes with Giants over the Browns. Im not saying we cant offer him the most money im sure we can but it still doesnt mean we will land the kid. I hope we do....I think if we landed Kirk we will win the afc north next year thats how close we are....especially if we take who I want in the draft and possibly bring back Pryor or sign a big FA wideout to help cousins. Who knows.
  16. Cincinatti and Buffalo have needed a QB for the last several years they just didn't know it...and really they still don't know think Buffalo is starting realize Tyrod isn't going to get them where they need to be...hopefully Cleveland is not the dumb ones to sign him.
  17. Taylor passed for 2,799 this year and has only barely passed for 3000 twice in his career...we have the rushing part in Kizer...more upside in Kizer too if he can step his game up next year.
  18. Scum_Frog

    Scum_Frog Set The Hook`

    Hes only actually played 3 seasons lol.....first 4 years of his career he sat behind not bad his first three years averaging almost 3k passing yards. Trust an ND guy.....Kizer is a distant cousin "never met the kid no claim to fame" I want him to be our starter next year 100% im just speaking on possibilities and on what Dorsey wants since hes obviously making calls right now.
  19. I think Aaron Rodgers is an decent cold weather QB from Cal don't you think? Tom Brady played H.S. ball in California.
  20. I agree with all of the above comments but one was left out...................A New coach.