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With that in mind?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Warpath, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. Let's say I was in the market for a trolling motor for a fiberglass boat a little under 16'. What brand do you guys like and why? How many lbs. of thrust would be adequate and would you recommend? I have a 12/24 volt system, and don't really see any reason to change that. I appreciate your response....

  2. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    Hay Eric what ever you do don't buy one of the minnkota powerdrives, they are nice but not very user friendly on deployment and retraction. If i were you i would probably get around 65lb thrust allterain or maxxum by minnkota. Unless you want to buy my power drive so i can get a allterain or maxxum. LOL

  3. Since you mentioned it F4F, give me the specs on your MinnKota PowerDrive and I tell ya if I'm interested in it. What lb. thrust, what voltage, and the like. Is it a bow mount? That kind of thing.

    Talk to you soon Jerry, hope we can all hook up for some fishing once I get back from my honeymoon.

  4. Reel Man

    Reel Man Member

    Just a little info on the Minnkota's. Reel Lady and I just bought a boat and found the trolling motor was nearly impossible to deploy. Marcia called Minnkota and was told that our particular model had a problem with a pair of washers. It seems the supplier used the wrong material and the thickness was incorrect. Minnkota sent us a couple of new washers. I replaced them and can now deploy the motor with one hand. It always pays to call the manufacturer with questions or complaints. Sometimes there is a simple solution. By the way our boat dealer told us that the difficult deployment was normal.
  5. I really like my Minn Kota Maxxum 74lb Thrust 24Volt. I think the Minn Kotas seem a little better built to me but they all have their problems. Many things can and will fail over time, ropes break, computer boards go bad, possibly interference with your electronics. All in all I'm really happy with my Minn Kota.
  6. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    eric, mines only a 40lb you need a bigger one. i will probably live with what i got unless i get a deal on one or something. minnkotas are great i just don't like the powerdrive deployment if had to do over i would have bought one of minn's cable steering ones with the rope pull up and deploy.
  7. I know that I'm currently using a 12/24 volt system, but I was wondering how I could go to a 24 volt system. I curently have two batteries up front for the trolling motor, but I have a 12 volt motor. If I buy a 24v motor, can I still use just the two batteries I have? I know the benefits, just wondering if I had to make any modifications if I found a 24v motor I preferred. I would like to go somewhere in the 55 lb. range for my lil' 15 + footer, but not sure of all the other extras (universal sonor, auto or co-pilot). DO you guys have any of these options on your trolling motors?

    Thanks, Eric

    If I go silent in the next few days don't worry, I'm getting married on Saturday. And I will be in Hawaii for a week with my wonderful wife Ginny. She didn't fall for Lake Fork being a great honeymoon destination! :D :D :D
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  9. TritonBill,

    That's just great info, which I really appreciate. If it is that simple, I probably will buy a 24 volt motor.