With gas prices dropping...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Live2Fish, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. is still like it was at $4.00 per gallon

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  2. is a little more but not like a couple years ago

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  3. back to the way it was a coule years ago

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  1. I was wondering how many people are going back to their old driving habits.
  2. I think many will now have less expendable money to start with given the investment market mess as of late. I do like paying less at the pump but I don't really feel i am any better off now given what I have lost. If it were an either/or situation I would gladly pay the $4.00/gal and keep my investments. ;)

  3. i pay less at the gas pump but pay more at the grocery store. when the gas was 4.00 i didn't go to the store everyday.
  4. seethe303

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    I'm not going to jump back into possibly irresponsible spending. I'll stick with how things have been going spending wise. I'll keep hitting local fishing spots that don't take as much gas to reach.
  5. I think we have always been pretty frugal with our driving habits and I don't see that changing. I think if any good came from the high prices it was that it made many folks stop and consider what was unnecessary, myself included. Fortunately for us we didn't really have to sacrifice to the point of hardship so I don't see us changing back any time soon.
  6. i really didn't change my driving habits i just got smarter. when you go to the gas station or the post office to get that coffee or get that stamp don't leave your car running. plus i have been using a engine treatment called"motorkote". its quite popular with the truckers. i put in both my car and truck. you put it in your crankcase, transmisson, tranfercase,and pumpkin. makes your car run cooler, no more dry starts, and improves gas miliage.it stays in the engine for about 4 oil changes.
  7. I corrected some bad habits when gas was $4/gal. I now pack a lunch everyday instead of eating cafeteria food or going out to lunch. My wife and I started carpooling more often. I don't see this changing anytime soon.
  8. Pretty much the same for me. I drive the same amount now when I did when it was $4. I didn't change how I drove with gas so expensive, in fact I think I did more driving then. I have noticed a difference though right away on my weekly/monthly spending though.
  9. I have been pretty lucky as I only live a little better than a mile from where I work...and the last couple of years I have stuck fairly local in fishing, I can save some major cash as well by staying away from eating out of the vending machines at work..gives me more money for toys:)
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    I'm saving $25-30 a fill up. Double that and I am saving me some money.
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    Not us we enjoy hearing Irac and all the other nations that where trying to bankrup all of us crying. They say with these prices the countrys economy
    is starting to hurt. This is just to much fun.l Besides we didn't need half of what we used we just wasn't paying attention.
  12. I've gone back to screeching to a halt at red lights and stop signs, and smoking the wheels when the light turns green. Feels good to be able to do that again.
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    lol.good call:p