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With friends like these who needs enemies

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by atrkyhntr, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. I know we all have had our experiences with good friends who for one reason or another just can't get anything right or have the Murphy's law syndrome or are just plain stupid...
    Lets hear it I'll start off slow

    My one buddy, who will remain nameless, liked fishing the western reef areas and we'd trailer his boat up there almost every weekend. He has forgot things like the drain plug, his key... He used to lock ( I don't know why ) his boat to the trailer and forget that key to that too!!! On more then one occasion he would forget to gas up even after I asked how is the gas situation and we'd be stuck waiting for the coast guard to come and tow us in gezzzzzzzzz :rolleyes:
    He has forgot the bait at home, his poles, his tackle, his gear, his license and had on more then one occasion came to my house to pick me up and forgot the boat!!! Great guy when things are in the proper order which for him was not very often...
    He wanted to start hunting with me and to be honest I just had to draw the line somewhere :eek:

  3. Onetime his Dad needed to use his van to do something or another and it was hooked to the boat ready to roll and his Dad unhooked it but did not hook it back up and I saw him pull in front of my house get out then get back in and leave only to come back later with the boat in tow... He looked at me and said don't ask LMAO but I did anyway...
  4. This past wekend I went fishing,so my brother with his new boat wanted to go along also.He just got a new depth finder and wanted help on how to use it.While I put my boat in the water and was about to help him launch his when he noticed he has no boat key!!!Well we unhook his boat in the parking lot so he can run home to get the key.After abot an hour and a half He shows back up with no key :confused: He said his son put the key in his pocket after they unhooked the boat the day before.His son was staying with freinds for the weekend about another 20 miles away.I guess you know what Tom and I did ;) He missed a pretty good day of fishing :) Why does anyone take the key out of their boat?If somebody steals my boat they might as well have the key.
  5. Hey Atrkyhntr, I have to agree with you on your last point!!! I sure wouldn't wanna be around that guy if he had a firearm:eek: !!!!! Or for that matter, a baitcaster with treble hooks.....oooowwwwwwww!!!;)
  6. The guy was a fishing machine... ohhh but no guns nope...
  7. Maybe he suffers from "fish fever"?? It is a certified disease also related to "buck fever" and "forgetitis" a forerunner of "ol timers" disease!! :eek: Exposure to these people that have these illnesses can cause you to have high blood pressure,undue stress related health problems,and post fishing trip syndrome that causes lying and exageration of the truth!! My diagnosis is to take 2 beers and a ham sandwich and just enjoy the day!!You will never be able to heal this problem?some people never change? :D :D :D
  8. Speaking of diseases, I unfortunately know or have met many people with HUA syndrome........

    Head Up A___!

  9. I'll take 2 beers and a "LUMPY" sadwich :D
  10. sgofish

    sgofish AEP or Bust

    Forget the sandwich and double the beverage. ;)
  11. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    I'm not sure I should ask, but thats never stopped me yet.

    "LUMPY" sandwich?
  12. hehehee I was hoping someone would ask that question...
  13. Freeze

    Freeze Cisco Kid

    hehehehe - and we were hoping you would answer :)