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witch motor to go with

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by paco, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. paco


    i'm getting ready to get a new boat and wondered witch of these motors to go with and why ?

    Mercury - 90 HP; Electric Start; Long Shaft (20"); Power Trim; Oil Injection - 2-Stroke

    Mercury - 90 HP; Electric Start; Long Shaft (20"); Power Trim; Oil Injection - 2-Stroke SALTWATER

    i'm not looking at the 4 stroke or optimax . i already have a 4 stroke 9.9 for a kicker . this will just be a motor to get me out to where i can troll . the motor is going to be going on a crestliner 1800 serenity . also what is a mercury jet 65? jet drive instead of a prop .
  2. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    I own the Mercury 125 Saltwater version, I was told that the only difference was more annodes and special built shafts for the saltwater version, mine is a 25" long shaft, they told me that if I ever broke anything on it it would cost more to have it repaired because it is a Saltwater.

  3. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    I know someone with a 250 HP saltwater Merc and the water intakes are real big & get clogged up. The motor shuts down automatically because it overheats. Stuff gets caught in it, where it's not just pulling it out on the water. Maybe it's just that particular model, but I'd make sure it doesn't have the big open intakes. My motor has a guard over it, something like a screen I guess you could call it. Not sure the advantage of saltwater over freshwater, Do they have better fuel lines?? More SS parts?? Seems that's why my buddy opted for the saltwater version.
    If I was going new, I'd certainly consider the 4 strokes. Might maintain a higher resale value. I've never researched it.
  4. Minor

    Minor Wannabe Fisherman

    I am no merc expert by far . . . . but from what i've read and been told . .. the salt water engines have more stainless steel components . . . this due to the effects of salt water on regular steel . . .Gratz on the new boat, no matter what you choose. . . . :D
  5. Jerry

    Jerry Muskie Jerry

    Since you have a 4 stoke kicker why not buy a 4 stoke 90 Merk and share the gas tank...No more mixing for you...I have a 2 stoke 9.9 and a 125, 2 stoke merk of which I disabled the oil injection so I can mix in the main tank and run both from that.
  6. I agree with jerry, go for the 4 stroke, better resale, gas consumption, you can run off of the same tank and not have to bother with mixing. I would also just go for the regular merc and not the salt water, unless you plan on taking it into salt water. Use the money u save from not getting the salt water version and put it towards a 4 stroke.
  7. paco


    the new motor is oil injected and will have a oil tank . i won't put premix in the gas tank just gas . and the boat has duel feeds off of the gas tank so i can run both motors off the one tank .if i go with a 4 stroke i feel i will have to go with a bigger motor to offset the extra weight .
  8. The mid-range classic is a nice motor. I have an ELPTO myself.
    New motor break-in
    New two-stroke engines require additional oil, either through the addition of oil with the fuel or programming inside the computer.