Wishing Bentley the best!

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  1. Well, the Browns & LeCharles Bentley have parted. I am saddened by this because the young man wanted to play for the Browns & showed a truly WONDERFUL attitude through his awful ordeal with the injury & surgeries. I usually do not root for EX Browns, but in this case, I really am pulling for him to get back to Pro Bowl status. With all the cry babies & prima donnas in pro sports, he is a class act....if he never plays again, maybe he'll get an opportunity to COACH with the Browns!....That would be nice.

    GOOD LUCK LeCharles!
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    Never thought the Browns would have to many good lineman.What a nice problem to have. GO BROWNS!!

  3. With all the time he has missed because of his injury you kinda seen it coming, if I had to guess I would say he is done, you want to see that former Buckeye land on his feet though, maybe he could get a job as a coach somewhere.
  4. Yeah it has been many, many years since that has happened.:eek:

    I heard that they released LeCharles but didn't hear any more than that. I didn't know if part of the reason was that he is not near the player he was before the injury? I can't imagine that if he was even at all comparable to his old self that he would be released. That in itself makes me really wonder if he will get another Sunday to play. It is really a sad story. The guy grew up in the Cleveland area and always wanted to be a Brown. When he gets the chance he immediately gets the world swept from under his feet.

    On a side mote I heard them mention yesterday that Jurevicius has been suffering from a staph infection complication as well. Staph is definitely something that can wreak havoc and hopefully his recovery is much better than Bentley's.
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    He got 16.5 mil for 2 years of rehab. They said on WKNR today his injuries were quite life threatening at one point and he almost lost his leg at a couple other points in the rehab. He passed his physical and they parted ways?? I guess he wanted nothing to do with Cleveland's facilities, can't say that I blame him. Jurevicious, Winslow, Bentley....staph infection anyone?
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    I think Bentley acted like a spoiled brat athlete.
    When he found out he wasnt going to be handed a starting position...he cried like a 7 year old girl,and took his ball and went home.
    His agent said "LeCharles did not want to be a backup insurance policy".
    He cashed over 16 million dollars worth of Browns checks for not playing a down.
    He hid out in Arizona for his complete rehab.
    He claims he was ready to play last year,yet he did not make one appearance on the sideline or make any attempt to bond with his teammates.
    There is even a rumor floating around that Bentley was not hurt on the first play of practice.Rumor is, he hurt himself in a pickup basketball game the day before.
    If this is true it would have voided his contract.
    I dont blame the Browns for being cautious with Bentley and moving him along slowly.
    Its a fact of life in the NFL that newer,younger or different players are in camp every year,and you have to prove yourself to hold your starting job.
    I guess the crybaby Bentley wasnt man enough for the task!
  7. It does make one wonder how you tear a patellar tendon slow trotting in shorts in walk throughs during the 1st practice of the season. I always thought that was a little suspicious.

    I feel bad for the guy because of the ordeal he went through, but he got paid very well during the surgeries and rehabilitation, but wouldn't rehab at the Browns' facility during any of the process.

    I cannot believe he requested his release, because he wasn't guanteed a starting job. That is pathetic. Nobody in the NFL is guaranteed anything after being out injured for 2+ seasons.

    If he is close to the same player he was, he would have beaten Fraley out in a competition during camp. But to demand a starting role or be released, if that's what really happened, you have to let the player go. That sets a bad precedent.

    I don't think anybody will ever get the whole story. I'm certain there was a lot more going on there than what they're saying, but we'll never know.

    He sure would have looked good in the middle of the O Line, though.

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