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  1. Well just got out of the hospital yesterday due to a herninated disc. Was in there for four days. Got me wearing a back brace and using a cane. The Mrs. and I will be driving to Florida this Saturday and I have a hog hunt on the following Thursday. I will be hunting at Bear Bridge Ranch in Eustis Florida. I will be using my .54 muzzleloader so wish me luck............Rich
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    hope you have a safe trip and good luck with the pork. how will that long ride be on your back after surgery?

  3. I didn't have surgery just had lots of pain in my back and down my left leg. I'll be starting therapy tomorrow to hopefully prolong a surgery. I'm sore as all could be right now but pumped up to finally go on a hog hunt. I'll post some pics when I get back..................Rich
  4. Sorry for such the long wait on my results of my pig hunt. Well I'll make it quick and easy..... I missed at 30 yards and got charged an extra $100 bucks and went home empty handed................Rich
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    Man Rich that sucks! That ole 54 shot pretty good, did you get "pork fever"? LOL