Wish I was on the ice, and thank God I'm stupid...sort of

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by PapawSmith, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. PapawSmith

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    Once again, for the second time in as many weeks, I'm homebound with a torn up back. My plans, today, were to be on the ice but that will have to wait a couple days. While bored out of my mind, craving something outdoors on this beautiful day, I just watched a 90 min program on Hyperdimensional Physics specifically related to Triangulated Energy and Metric Torsion. :confused:... Have you ever noticed that some people know so much that they actually know nothing? I thank God for dragging me out of school in the 11th grade (via the overzealous hand of a troubled principal) and casting me into a life of working with my hands and learning how to supplement my, and my family's, dietary needs through hunting and fishing.
    Education is a good thing, knowledge and higher understanding is a great thing, but self sustenance is priceless. This overeducated Genius, I just watched, had a brilliant understanding of all kinds of things that, probably, will never affect anyone on earth. However he will be lucky to successfully drag his next meal out of a McDonalds bag, much less out of a hole in the ice or across a farm field.
    So, after watching this, I'm reminded I must acknowledge my limited education and scientific understanding. I need to thank God for my ability to provide for my family with my hands. And realize that when all goes to hell, like this guy in the show says it will, that we will all be responsable for feeding these brilliant bastards.
    Hope you all caught fish today. According to what I saw we will need lots of extra food soon.
  2. misfit

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    as i like to say....................some people are so smart,they're stupid:rolleyes:

  3. PapawSmith

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    Misfit, I'm drinkin beer and typing. Your, probably, drinking beer and reading. Shouldn't we be fishing somewhere?
    Lets go fishing, I'll come get you.
  4. I haven't a clue as too what the hell you are talking about...However if I do , what you are saying is true...I have a high school deploma,,,You are not that far behind...My belief is some of these people with a high degree of education...are intelligent in one thing and stupid in all the others...You and I went to the school of hard knocks...In a sence we are more educated than they...Give them a salery based on there education..they buy there way not earn it...So if anything with a high school educ. or lower is stupid...I am there...You and I can live off the land..as for the higher ups they can kiss my grits...I believe you and I are the lucky ones......Jim....
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    actually i'm typing also:D
    i'll take you up on the fishing,but i'll pick you up since you're drinking and i'm not:p :D
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    I thought maybe you were gonna say you were so po'd at the genious(spel) that you spilled your beer in your lap, jumped up, slipped on the spilled beer and screwed your back up !! Does that sound plausible Misfit ??....Pete
  7. PapawSmith

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    It was something like that. But in reality this, like most back injuries was strictly work related. I'm considering a lawsuit. Seeing as how I work for my wife it may get complicated and I hope she understands. :p
    And genius is spelled g-e-n-i-u-s. (Sorry about that, couldn't help it)
  8. misfit

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    it would sound very plausible if t referred to me:D
  9. people who educate themselves out of usefulness are the exact reason I think most should live a few years in the real world, before going off to college. I worked full time for almost ten years before going back to work on my degree. And instead of complaining like most of the kids in my classes, I am the creepy old guy sitting in the back still working full time, paying my own way, and being thankful everyday for the opportunity to go to school.
  10. CDL


    There are some people out there who went to college right out of high school and have nothing but respect for the folks who have worked their whole life for what they have. I've often said that there is no substitute for experience. I've found that most of the "creepy old guys" have the most realistic views and practical knowledge in any given subject. I've always tried to learn as much as I can from them. I guess my point is that not all college educated 20-somethings are bratty know-it-alls.
  11. Flathead King 06

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    Well put CDL... I am one of those "college educated 20-somethings" who appreciates everything he has and doesn't take 1 second of life for granted. I have worked very hard to get where I am today and don't regret one step Ive made, but because I went to college and the old guy across the way didnt, doesnt make my work or occupation seem anymore important than the next person
  12. Fishers of Men

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    Yep, its hell to get bored this time of the year.
    Papa, are you saying "your wife hurt your back?" ... ;)
    Musta had something to do with that Triangulated Energy and Metric Torsion movement if you tried to practice that.
    I'll stick with the idiot group, then Ill be sure to eat.
  13. Wannabitawerm

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    You have to stretch BEFORE you do the Triangulated Energy and Metric Torsion move! I never went to college and even I know that!! :p
  14. Perchy101

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    Bend over and let me kiss your grits. I am one with a higher education. I graduated from college with a BS in Computer Science at the age of 22. I have worked my arse off in every aspect of life that I can think of. I worked 2 jobs while going to school and had 16-19 credit hours of work. I didn't graduate top in my class, who knows I could of graduated bottom in my class I really didn't care. What I cared about was I graduated college in 3.5 years.

    Now I'm 65+ grand in debt and i'm slowing paying it back.. I'll probably be dead before it says 0, but when that day COMES I know where i'll be... Sitting on the riverbank with a couple lines out in the water.

    So, I know we all hate this when we are out fishing... We get run out of our best farm pond becuz the guy before us left it trashed. So we can't fish it anymore becuz the owner thinks we are all alike. Lazy good for nothing rednecks. But you and I know that isn't true... We aren't all alike, I make sure when I leave the area its either in the same shape as I showed up or better and I'm sure you are the same way. ( I know you are)

    But what I'm getting at is, just becuz a few of the higher ups treat all of us like crap you have now grouped me and flathead king into a group of people that we are not. Just like some of us get grouped into the lazy redneck good for nothing fisherman that we are not.

    I was raised on the song A Country Boy Can Survive.

  15. misfit

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    now don't read something into that post that wasn't there;)
    nobody mentioned either one of you guys.
    this is what he said,which is also exactly how i feel.well,not really how i feel,but a fact learned from my life experiences;)
    ps.............i also took the liberty of editing one word in your post so you wouldn't unfairly be mistaken for a redneck;)
  16. PapawSmith

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    Relax Perchy. Crappie lover clearly stated "some of these people" never did he say 'all'. I also did not aim my comments at "all" of anyone. I was talking specifically about those in the video that I watched. They're out there, and we've all seen them. This was not a knock on education as a whole.
    Sorry you missunderstood, I had no intention to critisize all members of academia.
  17. Let me add my apologies if it sounded like I was grouping all people together. There are some people who appreciate everything they have and work very hard for it. I am by far not that much older then most of the people I am in school with, but I do have a very different outlook then some of the people I am in class with. Life has taught me what it takes to succeed (only took me about 10 years to get it through my hard head), some people learn this lesson alot sooner then I did and there are a some who will never learn it.