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  1. anyone ever fish northern wisconsin lakes boom and thompson? im going up there for walleye,pike and muskie in june so im looking any info at all.
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    No, but I fished a couple lakes up in Vilas county in 82 while attending a Fenwick Muskie fishing school. It's beautiful up there with plenty of fish.
    I also fished a couple lakes over near Cumberland Wisconsin back then. It's beautiful all over up there.
    While up there I stopped in Hayward and toured the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. You should check it out if you have time. They've made many improvements since I was there last.

  3. I am heading up to Minoqua in two weeks. Not sure where the two lakes are that you mentioned but from talking to my friends up there, dress warm. They just had ice out 1 1/2 weeks ago and the high temps are in the mid-fifties. You might just hit it right for musky and walleye.
    Every lake up there is gin clear so it would be wise to spool some fluorocarbon line or the very least some clear mono.
    Good Luck and have fun.
  4. Boom Lake. If you are unable to read/enlarge this enough PM me your email and I will send it to you. If you have questions on any more lakes in that area let me know I have information on several lakes in the Rhinelander and Eagle River area.

  5. im staying on lake thompson we might trip up to boom but i doubt it we're going to be at holiday acres up so we're right on the lake so i think its going to be what im fishing the whole time we got a boat so thats not going to be an issue we're going up there june 14 so hopefully its a little warmer.
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    even in June. It can be pretty chilly in the mornings and warm and beautiful in the afternoons. My brother lived near Rice Lake for 8 years, and I got to fish numerous lakes in that area. Great area of the country.
    Caught my first pike up there, and too many walleye, crappie and perch to count.
    Oh, and I second the Hall of Fame idea, it is a really neat place.
  7. June can be very unstable weather.

    Go up every year, around Memorial Day, to open the cottage & sometimes I've frozen, putting in the dock wearing heavy clothes & waders. Other times, I've sloshed around in bare feet & shorts while the bass were up fanning nests.

    However, the musky will still be up shallow, after the spawn, & you can usually see quite a few.

    The later in the month, the better your chances for "good" weather.
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    I used to live up in Rhinelander. I still have family that do. Beautiful place. You're going at a good time for fishing. Once July comes Northern wisconsin is full of tourists and the fishing pressure increases dramatically. Like others have said, expect a cool morning and possibly a hot afternoon/evening.

    There are sooooo many lakes up there, most don't even show up on google unless you use the satelite feature.

    I will talk with my dad tonight and see what info he has for you. I fished many lakes up there but not these. I would also check out lake-link if you haven't already.