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Wiring Trolling Motor

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by DrChip, May 30, 2005.

  1. I've got a 45hp Merc and a 12-volt trolling motor on my Tracker Tournament TX. I have two deep cycle batteries -- one for cranking / electronics and one for the TM. When I'm on a lake with a HP limit and can't run the outboard, is there an advantage to wiring the two batteries together and using both simultaneously vs. running down the TM battery and then, if needed, reconnecting the TM to the cranking battery? I realize ideally I'd have two batteries (hooked positive to positive, negative to negative, right?) for the 12-volt TM, and a separate for cranking, but weight and space are both issues in the rear compartment so for now at least I'm stuck with two.

    Also, if rigging the batteries together is a real advantage, how would you handle it when you were on a lake where you could use the gas motor? Last thing I want to do is run down my cranking battery if I need the gas motor to get home. What's the easiest way to disconnect the two batteries without rewiring every time I moved from a HP limit lake to a lake where I could use the gas motor?

    Thanks in advance for the advice...