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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by lunder, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Recently got hummingbird finder and wired it to lights switch on boat. Works OK except trolling motor wired to same battery interferes w/finder, only when motor is running less than full power. I have an electric troll motor only and am curious to know if I can wire both w/out this interference. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Motor is Minn Kota I suspect maximizer is part of interference
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    not sure lunder i have a minnkota powerdrive and i have a fishfinder on the same battery and have never had anyproblems should be ok. Hows it all hooked up and what type of interference are you experiencing? I have all separate wires on my battery not one of those terminal blocks.

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    I would try running wires from the hummingbird, Directly back to the battery, if possible. That would cut out any interference from other connections
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    Trolling motors should be wired to separate battery/batteries depending on 12/24/36 etc. That is the only thing that should be wired to those batteries. Interference on fishfinders wired to same system does happen on occassion. The best thing to do is run separate wiring for trolling motor, if boat doesn't have it. Fuse link the hot side at battery with breaker. If you do not want to run seaparte wiring, try tieing in elsewhere in the supply chain, but I would highly recommend you do the above.
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    I use a Hummingbird DX200 I think, But I will tell you I run Electric Motor Only, & When I put the Fish Finder on the Same Battery with it, It does Interfere with the Presentation you see on the Fishfinder, Wire it to a Battery By itself & you will see a Big Differance, It detects alot faster when running alone on a Battery. I found this out by accident one nite, But it will work for you , I promise. ;)

    Cat Mazter