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  1. I fish cumberland alot and was thinking of trying an umbrella rig next time I head out there for stripers. After seeing legends of rod and reel I am set on trying it now. My question for you trollers is what type of rod do I use. Does wire line or leadcore have to have a roller tip. Any input will be helpful.
  2. I'm far from being a pro & I don't brag that I am. But then I don't fish for Stripers? My lead core is limited for the Salmon thing on the Great Lakes but I think(?????) the same tactic/theory would apply (????)

    My lead core are standard 7/8' rods with a heavy duty reel like a penn # 309. But going into wire the 2 rods are 6.5" & roller guides & tips. When I run wire they are directly mounted on my transom board & straight out to the rear with a dipsey at a 1.5 or 2 setting.

    Maybe someone can give a better explanation???