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  1. My plan is to add the MinnKota
    Powerdrive V2 to the bow of my
    Grizzly 1654 this spring and my question is would the optional
    wireless copilot be a good alternative to the wired foot pedal that comes with this motor? The 18 ft. power cord can
    reach just about anywhere on the
    boat so would there be any advantage on spending the extra
    150 clams for it.
  2. Rednek

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    In my opinion, the Co-pilot is a nice addition only if the trolling motor also has Auto-Pilot.

    Without auto-pilot you are need to make manual directional adjustments and when you fishing you don't have a free hand to make the adjustment, hence the reason we all have foot controls.

    If your a gadget guy like me, buy it.

  3. look on e bay I bought my remote for $25bucks . new
  4. Fished w/guide last summer, who wore the remote, on a lanyard, around his neck. I was fishing in the front but he would make steering corrections from anywhere in the boat, regardless what he was doing.
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    Lets clear this up a bit shall we. Maybe we can get a few more awnsers? Ok one, said boat is not nor used as a bass boat, or used for bass fishing.

    The primary uses for said trolling motor are as follows, for moving in an around, or thru pack of boats looking for walleyes on erie, for possible slow trolling app., and or in certain areas of some marshs, where it's not possible to fire up main motor. With also the slight possiblilty of slowly moving along looking for those spring time crappies.

    Hope this helps some......:D