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  1. A buddy of mine gave me a laptop with a wireless network card. I would like to get a network adaptor to get my laptop online. Can anyone help me with ideas? I'm not looking for anything super fancy just something that will get me online. The most that I will be doing is checking here while I'm enjoying my Cheerios in the morning. :D What kind of speed can I expect going wireless vs sitting here at my desk and logging on? Thanks in advance.
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    I have a Belkin wireless router and I my internet speed isn't any different from my DSL connection on my desktop. My range is pretty good too, I can go pretty much all over the house and even the patio outside. I tried a Linksys router and some other brand before I finally found the Belkin, which I found to be the best. I think the router was around $50 or $60

  3. Thanks I'll look into one of those. I've got a small place so I shouldn't have much of a problem with distance. Outside would be good for those nice days that I can't get out and fish. :(