Winton Woods

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  1. Camping there this weekend. Is the best bet to get a boat and head for the dam? Fished LMR at Otto Armletter this weekend and very shallow, no action. I should have walked a little and found some depth but wasn't sure if I would have to walk a long way. Walked across the river and it was never up to my knee, but very clear.
  2. ....and you would be targeting what species???
    The lake takes on an entirely different personality once you get out of sight of the boathouse. From that point down to the dam there are many, many coves, drop-offs, downed trees etc. to fish. Just depends on what you are looking for. Crappie can be found at the deep end of fallen trees, plenty of bluegill up in the coves near structure, fish the roots & banks with lots of cover for carp. Be a little more specific and I'm sure some guys on here can help you out.

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    Stauff gave some good advice. The best bet for any species though is to get a boat and heads towards the dam. The upper end of the lake has some fish, but nothing that great. The dam end is by far the best side of the lake to fish for about every species.