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  1. Im heading down to winton woods this weekend to fish with my brother n law and was wondering if anyone has been doing any good, early morn will be going for bass and later on will be trying for anything that bites. just looking for some reports no spots or anything thanks in advance for any info.

    brandon aka bassattacker
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    I don't have a current report but I know the lake real well and crankbaits should be working really well right now. Just try to cover alot of water and pick up the active fish. Later on carp fishing with corn on the bottom would be a good option, or panfishing towards the dam.

  3. thanks for the info greatly appreciated, any info on cats? after the bassin we are pretty much going to try for anything.
  4. well we caught a few bass, a few cats, few crappie and some gills, nothing really to boast about, even the guys fishing the tourny were feeling the pressure since the bite was slow and tough.
  5. bassattacker i can tell you this... i was at winton woods last week the guy
    at the boat house said thier no good for bass.. but miami white water is
    last week miami white water stocked 300 bass, miami white water would be
    your best bet... yesterday they hit my manns baby -1 firetiger
    and thier going to have bass tourny there next month... i found out from bass pro's message board bass at miami white water is 5lbs +
  6. thanks for the info, i might have to hit that tourny up, we just went to have a good time fishing didnt really care what we caught as long as we had a good time. i know one thing we through everything we had and my dad and my buddy was the only ones to catch a few, one thing i did notice was the panfish are crazy in that place, and good size panfish too. they def need to think about doing some type of stocking program of some sort.
  7. this thurs i'll be at winton fishing... to be honest if thiers bass in there
    i'd go most of them don't know if thiers bass or not... i asked what thier
    hitting on i get i don't know, that relly burns me up.. so bassattacker
    i'd say go there
  8. i had a tourny at winton this weekend and it was dismall, the winners had four small keepers we only caught two. whitewater may get stock alot but that lake can be difficult as well. i prefer sharon woods, its loaded and has alot of big fish. a friend of mine did the population survey there and said that they shocked more bass than he had seen anywhere before or since, including a fish over 8lbs. my friend and i took a tourney there with over 18lbs...
  9. i probally seen u riverking it was me and my two buddies in one boat, and my dad and my brother n law was in another, the only thing i didnt like was the darn panfish, no matter what u threw u was getting hits just wasnt the hits u wanted. i know there is big bass in there just far and few between, i hooked one this time last year there with my brother n law that went atleast 4.5+ then got snagged up in some brush, if i dont get a chance this year to hit miami or sharon, ill def hit them up next spring for sure, also in talking with a few people when we got done, alot of people said that winton woods is killer in the spring any truth to this.
  10. don't know.. but bassattacker if you wanna meet me thurs
    after i drop my girlfriend off at work pm me i am heading to winton for four
    hours or that matter any one else... i'll let you know what i'll be t-shirt
    i'll have on thurs i'm going even if it rains
  11. if i didnt have to do the dreaded W word i def take ya up on that for darn sure, maybe another time for sure, thanks for the offer.
  12. no prob... that W word wouldn't be work now would it
  13. u nailed it, and everything is in full swing to get work done before winter hits, so im limited to my weekends right now, usually things slow down here around the beginning of november, which is good cause thats when ive always caught my biggest bass.
  14. hopefully i catch something, even if it's a crappie
  15. yes winton is on fire in the spring time and typically this time of year as well. It might be slow still due to the abnormal weather but when it does start to cool down, i bet the bass will pick right back up. Overall it has been a slow year on winton but everytime i went i caught atleast a few fish over 14 inches, Plus i worked there so i worked the tournaments and i saw a few 3lb+ fish brought in to win big fish. One tournament had 17lbs as its winning weight in the middle of july.
  16. spitfire i'll be there this thurs before i fish i'll stop in.. i'll wear my bass pro
  17. Just a heads up, the boathouse is open on weekends only now and has been since i left for school around the middle of september.
  18. i know i called and got the recording.... boat house will be open weekends
    do you know what the bass are hitting on
  19. 20 years ago.....I used to catch 16 inch crappie at Winton..Been along time..Those fish are gone..I bet...
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    they are. The crappie fishing isn't the same as it used to be