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Winton Woods in the Morning

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by One Sock, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Will be over at winton woods in the a.m around 7-7:30 will fish to about 1 if anyone is interested, look for the guy in the reds hat,
  2. Hey if ya don't mind let me know how ya did cause I got a tourney comin up there soon so if yoiu aren't in it let me know what you hit up.... Thanks

  3. Well fishing was decent this morning, but if you didn't hit a shaded spot, you weren't catching any fish.

    Started the morning fishing a chug bug, had three fish in about 25 minutes, all about 12- 13 inchs each. Kept fishing the bug for about an hour or so, had a couple blow ups on it but no takers after the first three, switched to a floating frog, no takers on the frogs. threw a buzzbait, spinnerbaits and zara spooks, One on a spinnerbait and one on the spook, again nothing big, all either barely legal or slightly smaller.

    Went out to the point to the left of the boathouse and tied on a dropshot. Hit my first decent keeper at 2 14 ounces on a 4 inch worm in watermelon red. Continued to work that point for the next 45 minutes, swiitching to a green pumpkin 4 inch worm. Had two more keepers, 1.14 and 2.10. two more small fish off the point before heading around the turn and heading back to the bridge, worked the dropshot rig around the bridge pillars. Had a real nice hit, set the hook and line took off. Thought it was a decent bass, as I got it close to the boat I saw it was a nasty catfish around 18 inchs, reached down and used my pliers to retrieve my hook, threw another worm on the DS rig and managed two more bass, this time they were both shorts. Fished for another hour and managed 1 more keeper a scrappy 2.1 lb beast (who felt a lot bigger), headed back to the boathouse as it was nasty hot and I had forgot to take sunbloack with me, all in all it was a decent morning. Wish i would have started dropshotting earlier, i probably could of put a few more decent bass in the boat