Winter Storm

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Net, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Not sure why I made the drive in to work today...there's nobody here! They say 8"-10" of mixed sleet/snow in central oh before this thing is done. What's it like up north?
  2. captnroger

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    Sounds like a good reason to get back home while the getting is good! It's still coming down pretty hard in CBus right now. And stupid me forgot to stock up on beer last night.

  3. Gju42486

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    sharty---just sharty out there :C
  4. Wannabitawerm

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    Elyria has almost 8" on the ground and its still comin'!
  5. K gonefishin

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    It's snowing hardcore in the Cleveland area, started last night around 6 and hasn't let up, I just took a look at the radar and don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. our buddy Dick on channel 8 said 12 inches or better by the time it's all said and done, IMO that's a low estimate, where I live it's one of the highest points in Cuyahoga county and I had close to 10 this morning on my way to the office.
  6. snowing hard in hudson,,, got called out for a broken telephone pole at 11 pm last night, just got off work an hour ago,, if it wasnt for bad drivers and snow., i would be laid off at this time.
  7. I called my guys this morning and told them that we would just take the day off. We had freezing rain at 5:45 and I didn't want them driving in it. Unfortunately, one of my customers just called with a breakdown....argh.:(
  8. Around 8" and still falling. All roads are snow covered and many unplowed. Driving isn'ttoo bad since not many people out and moving around. 4WD does the job.:)
  9. Mac


    Youngstown area has 2-4 inches of slush on the ground. Current temperature is 34. One minute big wet snow flakes then the next rain. They are saying it is going to change to all snow soon then we are going to get an additional 3-5.
  10. Hey Terry call Ying6 tell him to have your driveway down so you can get up it. I know he's just gotta be bored out there. It still snowing hard in Delaware i hear but you know me i am over on Indian trying to ice fish but dag gone it so much snow i can't find any holes. Gotta get a auger!!!:p
  11. I am in Columbus today. Started snowing around 5 PM last evening and then turned to sleet and freezing rain overnight. It has been snowing heavily this morning and there is about 4-6 inches on the ground.
  12. BGSU is closed till 1 o clock. To bad they didn't send the email out telling everyone till 7:52 AM and my class was at 8 this morning. Walked about 20 minutes to class in about a foot or more of snow just to find out from my professor that class has been cancelled. I turned around and treaded back through the snow and went back to bed. O well got the day off. FFBG
  13. Bassnpro1

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    OSU is off of school and that moves my test to next Monday! So now I am off to go and try to ice fish Alum Creek for the first time.
  14. OhioHuntr02

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    At least Ohio State sent out there email to everyone at around 1:30 AM that all classes were cancelled, so I wasn't in that same predictament.
  15. UD is closed as well. they were nice enough to let us all know at 5:00 this morning. MY wife who was up for work came in and gave me the good news. I smiled, checked my e-mail real quick for confirmation and went back to bed. The even better news was that she was off from school and work yesterday, and got all the house work done. so today I have had almost 4 hours in which I had nothing to do, except run the snowblower. All homework was done last night, and I am just chilling for a few more before I get ready to go to work.:)
  16. Seaturd

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    Still snowing pretty good here in Barberton/Doylestown area. I don't know how much is out there but it appears to be a lot.
  17. ezbite

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    went to bed last night and we had a dusting, so i thought cool, its going to miss us. got up this morning and ive got over 10" on top of my trailblazer:eek: gotta go shovel it sometime, but its still comming down pretty good.
  18. There's a good 10" to a foot here in Cuyahoga Falls. That'll keep the kids busy, shovelling. ;)
  19. roads here in west carrolton are pretty good. this morning going to work was a different story. 8 mile drive to work. took me almost an hour. i left early today downtown dayton streets and wayne av not good at all. and my apartment complex hasn't even been plowed yet.
  20. sady dog

    sady dog sady dog

    ya what a bitch to drag my shanty 50 yards onto ice...thought i was never going to fish today.....;)