Winter Pike In The Hoga

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Sluggo, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. I had heard that Northern Pike are most active and aggressive at the coldest times of the year, i.e. winter. Is that true? If it is, does anyone fish for them in the Hoga' during and throughout winter? What month does the Pike fishing start to heat up then? When does it peak? Does the river freeze over or can you still put your boat in and fish from a boat?

    I have never really fished for Pike much except about a week a year in Canada but I would love to try for them in the Hoga, so any advice for winter (or any other times of year) concerning these 'toothy critters' in the Hoga is appreciated. Oh, when it comes to Pike, I am 100% catch and release guy regardless of the size. I don't need wall mounts as a picture will suffice and I catch plenty of crappie and gills for the freezer.

    On another note, do any of you remember KSUFlash? I remember reading his posts about all of the pike he used to catch in the hoga but I haven't seen anything from him in the past year or so.

  2. i PM'ed him about hoga pike about 2 weeks ago. He responded with some good tips, you should do the same

  3. Yup Flash is very helpful shoot him a PM im sure you'll get some good answers. I know the area of the hoga near me is one of the last rivers to freeze up usually in some spots. Although, the area that have fished for pike south of here looks as though it would freeze up quite a bet easier but im not very experienced. There was a good post a few weeks back about pike in the hoga and why they probably arent as active in the hoga as most pike in cold water. do a search you can probably find it.