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    As like most catfisherman i am very bored during the winter. So one day in november i got out my spare 55 gallon tank and set it up in my bedroom. I still have the bluegill (Bryan) from last year and i think hes prolly happy to out of the 55 gallon tank. I have a nack for growing goldfish large and fast ( All the goldfish in the 75 gallon were bought as feeders are all now over 9 inches) So i decided to try oscars and a green sunfish. We named the green sunfish pee wee because when i got him out of the creek he was about the size of my thumbnail. Over the past month and a half he has exploded in size. I started him out with frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms. and now he is up to eating guppies and roses. Today when i fed the oscars he even ate a feeder goldfish. He is a fun little guy to watch. I actually bought a peacock bass from jacks in huber heights yesterday, it is twice the size of pee wee, when i first released him he swiped at pee wee agressively. I decided to sit there and watch them longer after 5 minutes pee wee had killed the peacock bass by pecking his eyes out and ramming into the side of him. Its no wonder green sunfish take over ponds, for there size they are a top predator. And soon i am getting a baby redtail catfish because a buddy of mine was actually lucky enough to get two mature ones to spawn. if anyone wants any let me know.

    Also i have had an albino channel cat since september he was about a half inch long and now im not sure you be the judge. This will end up being another albino channel cat to put in our pond on the land. It is the 6th in 2 years.[​IMG]
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    pendog66 It swims its bait

    heres the picture of the channel cat sorry it is so blurry but he doesnt like to sit still about him is one of my young goldfish thats about 3 inches long.

  3. spreaking of albino channels..... just the other day i had to take my drive-shaft over to American Driveline and Clutch on troy st to have it repaired. the owner has about an 8lb albino hanging on his wall, mounted of course;) . well, after asking him about the fish he gave me its story. he bought it from Jacks aquarium when it was a fingerling, and after a couple years it outgrew its tank they have there in the shop lobby so they bought a big horse trough to keep it in back in the work area. they had it for many years and it became very tame, letting customers feed it by hand. said it had a varacious appetite and would anihilate a Big-Mac if you threw one in there whole lol. whenever someone had some leftover lunch, old leftovers, ets, it got thrown in there and was eaten by the fish. this fish had the good life! anyways, they came in one morning and it was dead so they had it mounted and put on the wall where it is now.
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    Dink, I saw that when I was in there a few months ago! Watta nice fishy.

    Pen, sounds like you know what your doing when it comes to fish tanks! Keep up the good work, I used to have a few fish in a tank for like 2 hours and then down to toilet heaven......WHHHHHHYYYYYYYY!!!! J/K lol :)
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    i have also seen that dink, and now that i think about it 4 years ago when i had the right shoulder surgery i was fishing the stillwater with me dad and i hooked something big i fought and fought and finally got it to the bank it was a 22 inch albino channel. i was pumped