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  1. wonderin if any 1 ever fished for flattys in the winter. im ganna go to wills creek in the next week or so.if any 1 has any tips on where i might be able to find some winterin would appreiate a post.
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    I personally have never caught a true wintertime flathead. My latest fish of the year is typically late October to early November. My earliest flatheads seem to start very sporadically in February or March, depending on how warm the weather has been. I say go get after the channels and blues, they hit all winter long. If you are going after flatheads, just my personal suggestion would be cut shad or skipjack and throw it right in front of their mouth! Good luck!

  3. I wouldn't even bother fishin for flatheads right now and there is no Blues in Will's Creek.And Will's Creek might be froze over.If it is not froze over I would just fish for channels
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    That what I agree with.
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    the channel cat bite would be the better choice but im kind of confused about why you guys would tell someone not to try , if thats what he wants to go after good for him. i know everyone says they dont bite but you would think a fish that size would have to eat at least once all winter. i would say a good rain and a warm day might wake something up, and i do agree if they would bite it probably would be on cut bait.
  6. Your best bet is channels and blues right now. I have caught flatheads in January, but I never really target them. I catch them on bass minnows in the tailwaters usually fishing for channels or saugeye. They bite very light (you just feel your line get heavy) and they don't fight very hard either.
  7. "I" wouldn't try.Go right ahead and fish for flatheads in the winter.All the stuff I've read and seen on winter flatheads is that they go into a hibernation kinda stage in the winter."I" would say that his chances of going to Will's Creek and catching a flathead right now are very slim.But its just me who's sayin this.Its not like I fish for flatheads for 8 months out of the year and then obsess over them the other 4 months.........or do I???
  8. feild and strea did a story on flatheads during the winter. Apperantly they go into a hybernation, where they barely move and are not active at all.